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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Surprise gift with a sting in the tale

He arrived to her apartment bearing a parcelled gift. She was excited, his gifts always preceded an evening of Top/bottom fun!

Once it was a matching panties and bra, her punishment lingerie he described them as, and, oh my, was she punished in them!

On another occasion it was a Mason Pearson hairbrush he put to good use and it wasn't on her long red hair! 

She wasn't so fond of the drop seat pyjamas, nor the Pacifier, but having thrown a childish temper tantrum she had to admit that having the flap of the drop seat lowered, her bottom spanked, then sent to the naughty corner, flap still down, pacifier in her mouth, she had to admit that she felt suitably chastised!

Now, what did this evening's parcel gift hold? 

"It's for your bedroom wall," he hinted, "you know the wall you face hands on head wearing just your punishment panties and bra!" 

"Yes Sir," she said hesitantly, unwrapping the paper ...

She got quite the surprise, it was her last set of Punishment Lines, framed!

"A constant reminder!" Sir chimed! "Now when you face the wall you will have in front of your eyes a reaffirmation of just why and where you are!" 

She blushed! She had thought the sentence strange at the time, now she knew why it was constructed so ... 

"I, Deirdre, an adult female, as punishment, must stand here in my Naughty Corner, hands on hand, wearing just my panties and bra, before and after my deserved spankings". 

"Go hang it on the wall, eye height, good girl," ordered Sir, "the strip to panties and bra and assume the position!" 

Once more his surprise gift had a sting in the tale!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Wooden Spoon Woes

'Timber' they roar as a tree is felled 
Timber too turns a naughty girls bottom red!
Disobedient Deirdre was sent to the kitchen drawer
'Bring me the Wooden Spoon' ordered a very cross Sir!

'Stand at the sink, hold on to the taps!"
These were the next words her strict Sir snapped!
He lifted her dress upon her back
And on pantied bottom the wooden spoon did smack!

Next he tucked the wooden handle inside her knicker 
And along the heated bottom his hand did flicker
'Remain in place, 'chained to the kitchen sink' 
'And of your disobedience have a good think!'

Friday, 22 July 2016

"OMG! NO!"

"OMG! No!" exclaimed Marie as she pressed her palm against her forehead.

Her other hand has just pressed the send button on her computer, but just as the e-mail swished itself to its destination she realised it was on it's way to the wrong address ...

Her steamy spanking story written for a fetlife friend was on its way to the editor of her vanilla newspaper!

A spanking story in which the editor of a newspaper took his female journalist over his knee and spanked her bottom!

A Freudian slip?!

Marie's face was as red as the heroines bottom in her story!

The ping sound announcing a reply had landed in her in-box startled the journalist.

"My office now young lady!"

The opening line of her story! Life was imitating fiction!

She knocked on his office door ...

The Leather's Echo

Draped over her pillows of pain
The penitent female felt the strain
Until the strap against her bare bottom did brush
Unleashing an adrenaline rush!

"Count and thank, embrace the pain,
From this experience the female will gain!"
And the she heard him shoot the breeze,
A practice stroke, what a tease!

Suddenly the strap flew through the air 
Alighting on her curvaceous derrière 
The millisecond of magic, then her ass aglow 

Oh how she loved The Leather's Echo!

Decommissioned by Worship

She had designs on his ass; that and other parts of his spreadeagled anatomy! 

Yet, he wondered, while his tethered state rendered him ripe for her amusement, how much better might it be for her were she to release him and allow the ardent male pay homage to her sexy female form?!

She may not know it but he simply adores worshipping female curves, not just her curves but every inch of her feminine being, every millimetre!

He would start by having her sit on a cushion on the floor in front of his couch, her head resting on his lap.

Having gently fiddled with her hair, he would lift her head and commence to brush her hair, sometimes light strokeks, sometimes brisk but always lovingly, taking pride in his work, watching with delight as it takes on a neatness and sheen both he and her are satisfied with though she is not permitted speech. But he knows by her demeanour that she is enjoying this intimate hairdressing.

After a while he bids her stand, vacates the couch himself and offers her the seat; she does so hesitantly, reluctantly even, she was quite content sitting at his feet! Christ what was she saying!

He bid her relax, sit back, lean her head against the rest, close her eyes. She did as he suggested, though her eyes opened again when he, now on his knees, unzipped her high leather boot!

Relax he repeated as he slowly took the boot off, did the same with the other boot, then removed the stocking from each foot before running his hand up the backs of her calves, round to the front of her thighs and twiddled with the threads of her denim skirt!

Then he was gone! She heard water running. He returned with a basiin, steam rising from it and placed it beside her feet. Slowly, again in his knees, he lifted one foot dipped it in the lavender scented liquid! Soon it was joined by its partner! His fingers were caressing the foot, splashing little rivulets of water on her shins, cushioning her heel up out of the heat then returning it to its comfort.

Having watched for a while, in amazement, she leant back, closed her eyes, luxuriated in the beautiful attention.

She had reason to open her eyes again when he lifted both feet from their pool and dabbed gently with a small towel before completing the drying of her digits with his tongue!

He was in no rush! Each and every toe was treated as if at that moment in time it was the most important thing in the world! He kissed, nibbled, tongued each digit, gave the same attention to her insteps, the backs of the heels, biting the tendon there, tongued up and down her soles and captured her soul!

This she hadn't seen coming ....

Relax he bid her once more, we have a lot of inches to go!


She awoke to the alarm, His morning order-by-text ...

'Pink' it read.

In her early days under his thumb that would have meant she was to wear pink panties.

But now 'Pink' was code for a complete outfit. She had had to send him a photo of every single item in her wardrobe, a photo two of each intimate item of apparel in her lingerie draw! And not forgetting a snap of her footwear.

She thought it was him being just a little pervy until into her e-mail in-box arrived detailed descriptions of the outfits she was to wear each day, outfits she was not to put on until she received the green light of his alarm-text!

'Micro-management' he called it.

'Pink' she knew by now was, yes pink panties and matching bra,but also blue skinny jeans, black shoes and a tight pink top that nicely displayed her curves!

Having showered, using gel of his choice,, brushed her teeth, with paste of his choice, she put on her designated outfit as well as replacing on her person her 'Necklace of Submission'

She placed her blue baby-doll nightie under the pillow and proceeded to make the bed. He insisted on the bed being made every morning. In the early stages of her training he had made her take a photo of the made bed with a copy of that day's paper on the pillow, the clock on the bedside locker not showing later than 8.30am, the pedometer showing she had walked 3,000 steps!

That meant she had walked a circuit that took in the shop to get the paper as part of her designated wake-up walk!

That walk took place after she breakfasted on a bowl of Special K, a banana and a cup of green tea, as by his order!

'Micro management' he called it!

And she thrilled in its strictness, thrived in her obedience!

Poetry Class, Sore Ass

'Learn that poem off by heart
Or else your naughty bottom will smart'
The 'Teacher' stood at the top of the 'class'
He considered this 'pupil' as bold as brass

Next morning came her test
Her school blouse displaying fine chest
She started off well, the rhyming words flowing
But lack of studied application soon caused stalling

'Did I not say 'off by heart' ?
'Touch your toes and display your arse!'
The mature student did as she was told
As up on to her back her uniform skirt she did fold

He stood behind her and smoothed down her knickers
'Soon my dear upon your globes Sir's cane will flicker
He left her bending there, hands on knees
As in his heart he felt pure glee

From his desk he took the cane
A delightful instrument of piercing pain
Swish, swish, swish! The cane swept through the air
Next it would land on the adult schoolgirls derrière!

'Six of the best, count them loud so Sir can hear
Cane touching bottom 'Do I make myself clear?!'
'Yes Sir' she replied without a whimper
Which prompted him to lower her knicker

Then the cold chastising wood rested on her rear
The moment of truth was getting near
Ssswwwwwissssssshhhh .... ouch .... one Sir
And so it went, all the way to six in a blazing whir

Her bottom was on fire, she was shocked by his power
And then he gave her further reason to glower
He placed an open book in front of her nose
'Remain in position and study this prose'

And so upside down she read her schoolbook
As Sir sat down and a study of caned female bottom undertook
Six lovely stripes adorned her glorious globes
And should she fail her prose test will be joined by six more

{Should you wish a similar scene, contact me the very strict Dean!}

"Don't get dressed, I'm not done with you yet!"

She awoke from her slumber and immediately was reminded of the pain and joy of the night before. She put her hand back and felt the weals left by his belt on her backside, she experienced a strange comfort.

Her hands then went to her breasts, reddened and still a-tingle from his dexterous play with his flogger. Next her belly, it too tingling and red, same with the inside of her thighs, they too had experienced the wonderment of his 'good girl spanking'.

She had dared visit him in his 'Nest', prepared for severe punishment for various crimes, both real and created, crimes which guaranteed her a 'conversation' with his disciplinary belt.

He had made her strip completely, directing the unveiling by stipulating which item was next to go, making her fold it neatly, place it on the couch. Skirt, blouse, bra, panties, shoes, finally stockings and suspenders.

He was in no rush, he made her stand between the divesting of each item, studying her intently, admiring her body, admiring her bravery.

After the last item was neatly on the couch he, in pin stripe suit, walked over to the bed and placed two pillows in its centre.

'The Pillows of Pain' he smiled, an evil smile!

'Over you go'

She did as she was told, happy in a way that her striptease and display was over, even if her arse was now high in the air and completely at his mercy!

Not that he showed any mercy! His black leather belt set fire to her rear, his scolding words scorched her ears! She felt the pain rising, at first just that, pain, but as the belt and his admonishing words worked in tandem, it became the pain of remorse, teardrops appearing as she whispered, then shouted 'I'm sorry Sir' into the duvet.

And she was sorry, very sorry!

He bid her kiss the belt in thanksgiving! Then draped it across her back, it's coolness on her skin in stark contrast to the blaze below!

He left her contemplating her sins and her punishment for five minutes as he spoke on the phone, a vanilla conversation in which you'd swear butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, a walking Saint! But she knew he was the Devil himself!

He caressed her heated globes and with a gentle smack advised 'up you get'. She did as she was told and headed for her clothes.

"Don't get dressed, I'm not done with you yet!"

He replaced the pillows at the top of the bed and ordered her to lie belly down, relax! From the bedside locker he took a flogger and her eyes opened with alarm!

'Relax my dear, you took your punishment well, you are truly repentant, now it's time for your good girl spanking!"

And with that he twirled the flogger in his wrist and made nettling contact with her back, and as he twirled and twirled her back was festooned with delightful stings!

He rested the flogger on her body as he moved it down to her punished bottom and just gently passed over those globes before resuming twirling and stinging on the backs of her thighs, her calves, she was never so alive!

He lifted her feet, and applied the flogger to her soles, lay them down and concentrated his efforts for a while on those little alcoves at the back of her knees, he had read in the Gorean tales how those little alcoves were oft neglected erogenous zones! Just to put that theory to the test he knelt and kissed and tongued those little alcoves and soon moans were heard coming from the area of the pillows!

Reluctantly he came away but was quickly back in his stride as he caught her hair, bared her neck and proceeded to lightly apply the flogger there, commenting that what that neck needed was a collar or at the very least a necklace of submission!

With her hair still in his hand he twisted so as she was forced to turn her entire body over ...

"Sir's good girl spanking covers every inch, every millimetre" he declared as the flogger landed langrously on her breasts, his flicking over and back ensuring her erect nipples were touched, taunted and teased ... before he knelt and kissed those breasts, tongued and nibbled and suckled those nipples.

Eyes closed she revelled in the attention and was disappointed when he removed his lips but her disappointment was short lived, the flogger resuming its journey as it paid stinging visits to her belly, her thighs, her inner thighs, the strands being slowly traced up and down the entrance to her Queendom!

Now she truly was never more alive in her life!

He gathered up the strands and turned the flogger in his hand ... Now the handle stood sentry at the entrance to the promised land! He slipped it in a bit as her hips rose to greet the phallic symbol of supremacy ....

No wonder she woke a contented little kitten!

Lesson in Submission

noun: submission

1. The action of accepting or yielding to
the will or authority of another person.

"an instinctive submission to authority"

Now then class, write down into your Memorandum Book what is on the blackboard. Neatly!

This afternoon's lesson will be about your understanding of submission! Already this morning you have tasted its delights, putting on the panties so ordered by your Authority Figure.

Coming here to class you have further indulged your submissive nature by changing into your Alexandra schoolgirl uniform!

And in said uniform you had to sit quietly at your desk awaiting class to commence ...

All of these acts gave you a little frisson of excitement. Yes, yes, we are aware that in 'real life' you are a strong, independent woman, well able to stand up for yourself but you also have the incessant urge to act on ...

+points to the black board with cane!+

"an instinctive submission to authority"

Rules and Regulations! Rules and Regulations to be adhered to! Actions having Consequences! Or perhaps inaction having consequences!

When Sir says jump you asking 'How High, Sir?!' Realising what Sir says is Law!

Stand up!

+The uniformed one, hesitantly, stands++

Sit down

+She sits+

In future when Sir says stand you will stand straight away, hands by your sides, head erect, eyes looking in front! Do I make myself clear young lady?

'Yes Sir!'


That's better, much better, good girl!


Now then what you have taken down from the blackboard, write it out a further five times, that way submission and its meaning will be embedded in your mind ... you may commence ...

"So" he says

"So," he says, "you are a submissive woman with a dominant personality".

He looked her up and down, liked what he saw!

"Yet you hesitate to call yourself 'switch', that 'unsure' suggesting then you are indeed submissive!"

He looked her in the eye, liked what he saw!

"However one suspects you would be a female who would try top-from-the-bottom! A female who would always want to be in control!"

Again he looks her up and down, again he likes what he sees.

"But, my dear, a woman such as you would derive great pleasure from giving up control," and with that he catches her by the hair of the head and moves her towards the couch spanking her bottom as they go!

Within seconds she is over his knee! Recivering from the shock she stsrts to fight, attempts to get up, but he holds her down and caresses her bottom gently . ..

"Now, now young lady, relax, you are where you have longed to be all your life ... At the mercy of a firm male hand!"

And she knew it was true! She liked what she was hearing and feeling!

The Light in the Window

He vividly remembers the day she moved in to their estate!

Though ready to bid farewell to his teenage years he was a source of worry to his macho father …

“All that boy is interested in is motor cars and soccer, not like his Da who at that age was bedding every young girl in sixth form or at the very least making a gallant attempt to get inside her knickers” he overheard his drunken father tell his mother once Christmas night.

“Ssshh, the boy will here you” reprimanded his mother, her words almost hurting the boy more, not a hint of defending her son’s passion for cars and sport, nor did she express any disgust at her husband’s boorish bravado concerning his supposed sexual antics and complete lack of respect for his schoolgirl colleagues.

He, the boy, their son, treated women, all women, with respect. Suppose you could say he was almost in their awe. His first teacher, with her hint of cleavage and long tanned legs was the start of it.

How he loved when she praised him, gave him a pat on the head as she announced he had earned a Gold Star!

How he was in the depths of despair when she sent him to the Naughty Corner with a light smack on his bum when he had made her cross!

Then in Sixth Form he was paired off with the Class Prefect for a school project which involved going around the local town doing vox-pops for the local paper, she asking the questions, he taking the photographs.

She was gorgeous! She was gorgeous in her tartan skirted school uniform which ended well above the permitted inches above the knee, which he supposed was a perk of being Prefect!

But she was even more gorgeouser - oh how his female English teacher, a fine looker too!) would give out to him for misuse of the language! – in tight blue jeans which sculpted her arse to perfection!

As he purposely fell a couple of steps behind her on one trip to town, pretending to have bother with a shoelace, he took a quick snap of that swaying arse!

He had printed it out and hung it on his bedroom wall, hidden underneath a Manchester United calendar!

But at night, door locked, Man U were relegated as his eyes paid homage to those glorious globes, as did his hand and penis!

During those pleasure cruises he wouldn’t imagine that like his Dad he was bedding the owner of that arse; in the boy’s imagination he was spanking that arse!

How he loved putting her in her place … over his knee! Her Prefect status had given an already haughty young lady an added air of authority, authority that she wasn’t slow in using as evidenced by how she took particular relish in handing out Detentions and punishment lines to members of the school soccer team who were guilty of sexist remarks or wolf-whistles of which his father would be proud!

He never crossed that line though if she knew he had taken a photograph of her buttocks bursting out of her jeans and was using the image to mind-blowing orgasm involving spanking her denim clad are he imagined he would be in permanent detention!

Then her family moved into his estate!

He never will forget that day! Never!

His family lived in 49, her family moved into 108, the small back-garden’s joining each other though she didn’t know that that first night?!

His family had lived in 49 all the young boys life, her family had lived in Oakleaf Heights, nicknamed Snob’s Alley, for the duration of the girls 18 years.

She had made no secret of the fact that she was disgusted to be moving from the salubrious surrounds of the Heights to the “rundown Hillview Estate, home to nare do wells’ and even said so within his hearing.

Her parents Restaurant business had fallen foul of the recession and down-sizing became a necessity but little Miss Prefect was slow, very slow to come down off her high horse.

Despite his disdain for his Dad’s drunken rudeness her withering remarks and proof of perceived aloofness ensured her nocturnal spankings in the young boys mind were of a much more vicious nature!

His hand was replaced by her hairbrush, her denim was replaced by her panties; his hairbrush was replaced by his belt, her panties were replaced by her bared bottom!

The power of his orgasms increased in tandem with the upgrading of disciplinary tool and the decreasing in the female’s clothing!

On the night her family moved into the ‘nare do wells’ estate he went upstairs to his bedroom to really redden her arse by way of a warm welcome!

As he went to pull the curtain his eye caught the light in the window at the far end of the two small gardens …

Where for two years there was darkness, there was light and there in that light stood the snooty prefect!

He immediately turned off his light and returned to the window!

She had a pout on her face as she put her hands on the window cell and stared out into the darkness.

‘Oh please oh please don’t pull the curtains!’ he begged, prayers that were answered in trumps as she turned away and began to take off her school blouse!

Oh Christ! While his attentions had mostly focused on her arse, he had been aware too of the breasts beneath her blouse and tight white tee-shirts and now here they were in almost full view, the lacy black bra merely accentuating the cleavage!

Now as she walked to the far side of the room she was taking off her illegally short school uniform skirt! Oh Christ Above! This was Heaven on Earth!

The sight of black panties displaying the arse he’d spanked so many times gave his already hardening hard-on a steel edge!

Oh Holy Mother of God!

He had expected her to toss the blouse and skirt on the floor but, no, she folded both neatly and hung them over the end of the single bed in the middle of small room.

Were those tears he saw in her eyes as she picked up the pillows and placed them in the middle of bed?

Then to his absolute astonishment she went and stood in the far corner of the room, clasped her hands together on top of her head!

Oh Christ Above! Holy Mother of God! This wasn’t Heaven on Earth, it was Heaven!

He had read a bit about and ogled a few photographs of corner-time while browsing the internet but nothing prepared him for this, the snooty prefect standing in her bedroom corner wearing just a bra and panties, hands on her head!

He was mesmerised by her arse though the urgings downstairs fought for his attention!

He doesn’t know how long she stood there, how long he stood there standing!

But then a second figure came into the light!

Almost the image of the girl in the corner, older, yes, plumper, yes but every inch a woman in a black business suit, the white shirt displaying a lovely hint of cleavage, the seat of the pants proving that a shapely arse was living beneath!

The owner of that shapely arse was carrying a bamboo cane! Oh Christ!

Tapping it in the palm of her left hand! Holy Mother of God!

Twice she hit the pillow with a backhand snap of the bamboo!

On the second swipe the penitent in the corner turned and after a pleading look at the woman in the business suit obviously fell on 'deaf ears' the prefect lay over the pillows on the bed, her black-pantied arse hoisted up at a perfect pitch for the imminent arrival of the cane ….

Oh Christ! Oh Holy Mother of God! Heaven on Earth! Heaven itself!



She pulled the curtains!

But not before she gave a little wave!

Red Tie

Oh My God! The mad Carlow man! There he was, bold as brass, in the foyer of the hotel where her Finance Christmas function was about to begin!

Her hand immediately shot to her neck, felt for the jewellery which secretly served as her 'Necklace of Submission'. Only He and she knew. But her knowing had had an amazing impact on her life!

He smiled as she fondled her necklace, her left hand then touching her right wrist upon which, this night, whether she liked it or, she had to wear her Punishment Bracelet.

He had been keeping her on a tight long distance leash via a Demerit System which saw her disobedience or unacceptable behaviour punished by a Demerit point. He also operated a three-strikes-and-your-out policy in that three of those dastardly little demerits and the females derriere was destined for a disciplinary session over His knee!

She loved being over his knee when she had been a good girl but, by Christ, was it a much different place to be when one had earned his displeasure!

She was due for her Disciplinary Spanking on the morrow, she had to drive to Carlow and knew the journey home would see her sitting on a well spanked bottom!

But now here he was in the foyer of a fancy Dublin hotel. That was bad enough but he was wearing his Dean of Discipline striped suit! And the red tie! Oh my God! No! Not the red tie!

You see she had been informed at their first meeting that her Necklace of Submision and Punishment Bracelet were not the only hidden clues. If he was wearing casual clothes she was must likely headed for a good girl spanking! If he, however, was wearing his suit, then punishment was on his mind and would very soon be on her behind!

If when wearing the suit he donned a maroon tie, the punishment would be by hand, a mult-colour tie designated her hairbrush but red, RED, oh Lord, red meant she was condemned to his belt!

Now here he was in her Dublin hotel wearing his suit and red tie!

She chatted to her friends and business colleagues whilst preparing a 'how dare you' speech when she got a chance to give him a piece of her mind! How dare he invade her space! Yet another part of her was thrilled!

Then she heard her name being called to reception! She headed there, looking over her shoulder to keep an eye on that mad Carlow man, half-hoping he'd be gone, half-hoping he'd follow her out!

The girl at reception handed her a envelope that had been left in for her. She sat in a chair in reception to open it, thinking it something to do with the speeches later ...

"You are hereby summonsed to Room 365 for a date with delightful destiny! 7.15pm. You can then return to your function! And, Lady G, if you feel like being a very bold girl you can return to Room 365 later! Oh and don't worry, your Guilty Little Secret won't reveal himself! Well not outside of Room 365 anyway! Oh and Lady G, Sir will be confiscating your sexy panties! See you shortly sweetheart!"

Virgin White

Virgin White. She had been ordered to wear a white panties. And bring with her her baby doll nightie to change into.

Ordered! Her! A proud English woman! Ordered by an Irish oaf! An Irish country oaf at that!

She a Trinity educated sophisticat! He an ignoramus from the sticks; ordering her! And yet she was doing what she was told!

She thrilled to the morning donning of the panties, the colour choice taken from her an exciting start to what is normally just a hum-drum getting up and getting ready part of the day.

But today was no ordinary day. She was meeting Him! The oaf! The ignoramus! And he was going to take his country belt to her arse!

She was to drop into a city Hotel after work, sit on her own at the bar, buy a glass of white wine and take out her copy of '50 Shades of Grey', read her favourite passage.

He hadn't read it. Most Fetlifers felt it wasn't realistic and certainly from one quick flick through and read he wasn't taken by the writing. But the success of the series meant that the title carried a message and it was that message he wanted the lady at the bar to convey!

He left her sitting there for a while, observing from the back benches, hidden behind his newspaper! She truly was a delight! He was looking forward to spanking this shapely siren!

He smiled as a tipsy male customer asked the lady with the book if she brought her handcuffs! The drunk smacked himself on the butt and winked! She returned to her reading, though a little blush appeared on her face!

The intruder went away and Mr Burns made his move, walking up to the bar and whispering "I see ye English are after all able to take instruction!"

She looked up and he wasn't quite sure if it was a grimace or a smile crossed her face!

He handed her an over-sized key. 'Go up to room 302, get dressed for bed' he ordered. 'NOW'

She hopped off her stool and did as she was bid!

Not so much as an hello. He really was an oaf! But oh that authorative voice!

As the lift ascended he texted. A simple O. She must reply by spelling the word Obedience. She does so.

Walking down the hall, phone bleeps again. D. She must spell Discipline. She does.

Barely in the hotel room door, bleep. P. Punishment. Again she dutifully spells the word.

Obedience. Discipline. Punishment!

Words she will come to love and hate!

She changes into her baby doll nightie and sits at the desk, takes out her Punishment Journal from her bag, a pen too ...

And waits ...

The phone bleeps. 'D is for Discipline, Discipline is my Desire' ... 21 times, neatly'

Here she is, the Trinity educated English woman, sitting in her baby doll nightie, writing out lines, awaiting a spanking ...

And she is moist!

The Belt


The swish of the belt rang through the air
Then came to a shuddering halt on Sharon's derriere!
Her face it contorted with shock and with pain
But Sir treated this reaction with naught but disdain!

Once more the black belt went up and came down
It's stinging arrival causing Sharon to frown 
"Oh Please Sir, I'm sorry, I'll be a good girl" 
But the only response was the belt's third whirl!

"Silence, young lady, not one word from your mouth"
"I don't even want to hear you cry ouch"
And silent she was, though t'was with gritted teeth
That her bottom and the belt again they did meet!

Bent as she was in front of the mirror on the desk 
She could see in the reflection her Top he was vexed!
She watched in trepidation as he tapped the belt on his hand
Then with a hot fiery swish her bottom did brand!

With her arms at right angles, her legs wide and straight 
She was forced to hold this position as his next move she did wait
This move when it came was another shock to her system 
Her jeans they were opened and the fecker he lowered 'em!

A lovely pale yellow knickers was the sight that he saw 
And beneath that sexy panties was a lovely red glow!
Now this scant female undergarment offerd little protection 
Against the swish of the belt and its delightful connection!

Again and again the black belt sang its song 
As the Top infomed Sharon of the things she did wrong!
Then to finish with a floursh the Top he did whip 
That pale yellow knickers off the naughty girls hip!

"Six on the bare with the belt" he declared 
As through her blonde hair into her eyes he did stare
Waving one finger by way of a warning 
He told her if she she saw it in future, it would be followed by a 'warming'!

So once more 'Black Beauty' swept through the air 
Now meeting a glorious bottom that was completely bare!
She grimaced, she grinded, she even got up twice 
But was forced back down to take pain that was not-nice!

And then to her horror Sir he announced 
That the last two strokes she would ask for and count 
"Sharon is ready for a her well deserved spank!"
Were the words he dictated ahead of her Thanks!

So twice more that black beauty swept through the air
Landing so sweetlly on a now contrite derriere 
"Stay there for two minutes, then on to the bed!

"It is there to your bottom Sir he will tend!"