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Saturday, 27 August 2016

"I shall be fully prepared for Miss Vaughan's class in future."

Miss Vaughan, tall, blonde, immaculately dressed, surveyed the classroom, pupils standing at their desk, hands on head, as ordered.

"Forgot my book" she mimics at one of the female pupils desk. "Didn't realise we'd need a pen" she repeats the excuse at a boys desk.

"No book", "No pen" or, slowing down "In some cases neither!" as she stops at Debbie's desk. "And in Deborah's case also, no uniform tie and socks down around the ankles!"

"Pull up your socks young lady!"

The young lady did as she was told.

"Indeed everyone hear will be pulling up their socks!" declared the new English teacher as she resumed her seat at the top of the class.

"Now then class as, alas, corporal punishment, is illegal us teachers have to find other ways of 'cracking the whip' so let me introduce you to one of my little tricks of the trade, the W.P.A. ... W.P.A. standing for Written Punishment Assignment".

"Each of you will remain after last class and write out the following line 100 times ... "

"I shall be fully prepared for Miss Vaughan's class in future."

"You will leave your W.P.A. on my desk before leaving and the said assignment is to be accompanied by another WPA before first class to-morrow morning as in you will write out the same line again tonight at home, 100 once more and, boys and girls, take care with your penmanship, neat, legible writing, each one numbered."

"Now you will remain standing for the rest of class whilst we discuss the sonnet on the screen, a sonnet I expect learned off by heart for to-morrow's class ... "

Standing, hands on head, the uniformed pupils listened aghast to their new teacher; they had heard she was strict but not this strict!

It was going to be a long, tough year!

Monday, 22 August 2016

The Five C's & Tongue Tied

The Five C's

She stood above him and smiled her evil smile!

A chain attached to his leash was locked to the head of the bed; his hands and feet were cuffed to the four corners'

She wore a corset that well displayed her! She knew it would perk his interest though perk is all it would do as the chastity belt she had locked on his manhood ensured his orgasms belonged to her!

When not tethered to the bed or attending to her pleasure or performing menial chores she kept him under confinement in a caged kennel at the end of her bed!

She came on fetlife swearing by the five C's - chains, cuffs, corsets, chastity and confinement - and my, how they had worked a treat, she now had a stable of men at her beck and call!

He on the bed now was different! The others were out-and-out subs, some spirited enough in a tame sort of way, but he tethered to the bed now had spent his fetlife life spanking and disciplining women! Taking pleasure from the females whose arses he'd reddened!

But he was curious as to what role-reversal would feel like. Alice in Wonderland was curious and look it all the trouble it got her in! And curiosity killed the cat! He should have been forewarned!

But he saw her profile, was taken by the 5 C's and on an insistent urge made contact ...

Now here he lay, chained, cuffed, chaste and confined at her corseted mercy!


He was on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back, the chain leash from his collar attached to the wall, his manhood confined in Her Chastity belt.

That was four of her five C's embedded in his training, cuffs, chains, confinement and chastity.
But what of the fifth C?!

Oh the fifth C was embedded in the male's mind more than he could have ever believed possible?!

He was kneeling before a tailors dummy upon which was one of her glorious corsets! On her order he would commence to tongue that corset or, in her words, "make love to the leather"

She had him under strict supervision, any slacking of his tongue was 'rewarded' with a stinging stroke of her crop on his naked rear!

Any touching of tongue on tailor 'skin' also merited a lick of her crop, "a slave must not touch a female's skin without permission!"

How he tongued that corset, how he made love to the leather! She had promised him if he kept up this diligence he just might be allowed to tongue the corset with his Mistress in it!

"Wouldn't that be nice?!"

He nodded his head, he hadn't been granted permission to speak and anyhow his tongue was too busy!

"Four full weeks of morning, noon and night tonguing my various corsets and that tongue of yours might have earned its owner promotion, we'll see ... "

And with that she left him and his tongue feverishly working to please!

Attitude Adjustment by Alliteration

Miss Petula Power was well named, an alliterative name for a Disciplinarian who was a firm believer in attitude adjustment by alliteration?!

She had just dealt with her latest client, a young female schoolteacher who was in need of a number of issues being dealt with and dealt with severely.

Where better to do this dealing only over Petula Power's knees?!

The young schoolteacher had agreed to the visit instead of a written warning being entered into her school record ... 

She was a little taken aback when the first contact from Miss PP instructed that she was to arrive in the school uniform of the school in which she was teaching, this a step back in time as it was to the same educational establishment she went to school. 

Once draped over Petula Power's knees, a disciplinarian who wore a pin-stripe skirt, black nylons, a crisp white blouse it was crystal clear to the young schoolteacher, clad, humiliatingly in check uniform skirt, white shirt and white knee socks that all her authority had been transferred to the woman who held the hairbrush! 

"Punctuality is a Priority!" she head Petula Power say, each syllable accompanied by a resounding whack of the hairbrush on the young schoolteacher's skirted bottom!

"What is punctuality?" asked Ms PP, aware that the young schoolteacher was often late for first class, particularly on a Monday!

"Punctuality is a Priority!" answered the young schoolteacher through gritted teeth as again every syllable was accompanied by the echo of hairbrush meeting skirted female bottom!

"Ogling is an Offence!" declared Petula Power, aware that the young schoolteacher had taken an over zealous interest in some of her female students well endowed chests! 

"What is Ogling?"

"Ogling is an Offence!" 

And again the hairbrush sang its disciplinary song!

As Petula Power lifted the uniform skirt up on to the back of the young schoolteachers back she smiled at the sight of the white cotton panties as in a follow-up communication to the uniform rule she had stipulated that that meant 'every stitch'!

Petula Power took pleasure is smoothing down the white panties and feeling the heat beneath, ogling the red peeping out around the fringes.

"Discipline is Desirous!" recited Petula Power knowing this was a double-edged sword. The young schoolteacher needed discipline but so too did the girls that she teaches and that, heretofore, had not been the case!

"What is Discipline?" 

"Discipline is Desirous!" repeated the young schoolteacher as her already heated rear was now the recipient of its second hand spanking and if the pain wasn't as severe as with the hairbrush, the humiliation, and, whisper it, the excitement, was greater! 

Petula Power had no doubt that some of the young schoolteacher's pupils would soon be nursing spanked bottoms of their own! 

Yes indeed, attitude adjustment by alliteration!

Tables Turned

We had enjoyed a brisk spanking session, she the bitchy boss being put in her place - over my knee - by her underling and now, fully clothed, were necking on the bed when I slipped my hand underneath her dress and inside her panties.

"Were you given permission to go in there?" she asked in a strict voice that prompted me to immediately remove my digits from inside her pink lingerie.

"No" I whispered.

"How dare you!" she barked.

And my arousal was instant. My hidden sub had been ejected from the closet!

She gently pushed my head down on to the pillow, looked into my eyes as her hand slid down and rested on my erection.

"How dare you" she repeated, "how dare you take such liberties, are you sorry?"

"Yes!" I whispered, nodding.

"Yes Miss" she prompted as her hand caressed the 'little boy' below!

"Yes Miss" I repeated and the 'little boy' grew!

"And you will be sorry, very sorry," she declared. 

"From now on you will not so much as touch a button on my blouse without permission, you will not dare lay a finger on the elastic of my knickers unless you have my go ahead," she informed. 

"Naughty boys in need of discipline must be dealt with severely," she added.

"Now, as the first part of your punishment, you will write out the following line 100 times and bring it to my office for correction at 9am in the morning ...

"I, Patrick McGann, will not so much as lay a single finger on the elastic of Caroline O'Gorman's knickers unless I have her express permission to do so and then only after thanking Her for the honour."

"Repeat" she ordered.

"I, Patrick McGann, will not  ... " I hesitated. 

"Listen carefully or I will double the figure" she declared before repeating my punishment line.


"I, Patrick McGann, will not so much as lay a single finger on the elastic of Caroline O'Gorman's knickers unless I have her express permission to do so and then only after thanking Her for the honour."

"Good boy!" 

"Now, toddle off home ... " she ordered and bid me leave the bed, the bed I thought I was going to score in.

"Oh and Patrick ... remember ... number each sentence and nice neat writing!' she smiled as I reached the door, then she turned over in the bed and her glorious globes that I had spanked just minutes earlier came into view.

I wonder will I ever get to spank that bottom again? As of now I can't so much as lay a finger on the elastic of her knickers without permission! 

And I was never as aroused! 

"My office NOW young lady ...!"

She heard that familiar order and fear mingled with excitement as she watched the suited middle aged male walk past her desk and into his inner sanctuary though it was never a safe sanctuary for the females who were summonsed to Mr Burns office.

She immediately stood and heeled him to her doom ...

Barely was she over the threshold when she was surprised to find that already toeing the red line in front of He Who Must Be Obeyed's Desk was another woman, a woman in the familiar stance of hands on her head, jeans around her ankles, regulation pink panties covering a yet to be spanked bottom ...

"Join your colleague-in-crime toeing the line and assume the position" he ordered sitting down behind his desk, tapping the fingers of his hands together and he watched his orders carried out ....

She opened the belt of her jeans, prized free the button, lowered the blue denin, unveiling the regulation pink panties, straightened up and placed her hands atop her head.

"Eyes in front!" he commanded.

She did as she was told and like the woman beside her focussed on the framed script on the wall ...

"Beware all you who enter here, you will leave with reddened rear!"

"Now then young ladies, punctuality is a prized value in this company but this morning not just was one of my employees late but the two of ye saw fit to swan in late, one 22 seconds after 9am, the other 34, disgraceful tardiness ..."

The employees had long learned that 9am meant 9am, not a second before, not a second after, 9am on the dot! Or else!

Normally the 'or else' was carried out one at a time so both females were a little discomfited by the fact that they were both here, jeans down, pink panties on display, hands on head.

"I have reason to believe that office rivalry has led to accusations of favouritism and that one of you feel that other is not dealt with as severely as the other ... "

"So I have come up with a solution, you will both spank each other!"

The females took their eyes off the frame, looked at Mr Burns in astonishment, then eyed each other in disbelief!"

"Eyes in front!" he barked, to instant obedience.

"Emer come bend over the desk ..."

Emer did as she was told...

Through her hair she looked into his eyes and he took her two wrists in his hands ....

"Now then Monica, go fetch the spanking strap from the back of the door and stand to Emer's left ... "

Monica did Sir's bidding ...

"22 seconds late equals 22 strokes, you may commence ... "

"And Monica if I feel you are taking it too easy on any stroke, the number of said strokes will be revealed by me at the end of the punishment and that number multiplied by two will be added to your own punishment! Comprende?!"

"Yes Sir!"

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lady Sarah Jane tightens her grip!

Lady Sarah Jane was a woman of action. Once the shapely blonde had a man under her thumb she made his position quite clear to him!

This she achieved by immediately imposing on who she referred to as the ‘inferior male’ a strict regime of total abstinence! No alcohol, no smoking, no sex!

It was the latter Lady Sarah Jane enjoyed supervising the most! While sex with her was, of course, completely out of bounds, so too was an act most single men took for granted, that of pleasuring themselves!

While Lady Sarah, from day, one threatened the male with incarceration in a chastity belt she used the time between the threat and the measuring and fitting to wean her servant off what she called his ‘selfish little habit’!

Thomas was her latest ‘victim’ and after his caning in Lady Sarah Jane’s mansion he was confined, naked, hands on head, in her Punishment Room corner while she explained to him the ‘facts of life’!

“Now Thomas, listen carefully, very carefully” she began. “Your new life starts now! That means as and from this very second you do what I say, when I say, comprende?”

“Yes My Lady!”

“Good boy! Now my boy I have a little task for you and until the completion of this task you may call me ‘Taskmistress’, comprende?!”

“Yes My Lady!”


Lady Sarah Jane scorched his exposed arse with a lightening fast stroke of the cane!

“The correct reply is ‘Yes Taskmistress’” she barked.

“Yes Taskmistress’ Thomas said with a grimace, his already roasted rear now bearing a brand new stripe.

“I sincerely hope you are not a slow learner” she whispered in Thomas’ ear as she gently carressed his reddened buttocks with her left hand.

“No Task ....”


And there was silence!

“Now Thomas, my little task is simple, for the next 30 days you will not be permitted to orgasm!” declared Lady Sarah Jane in a light, happy voice as if she was the bearer of glad tidings!

“We will meet at least once a week when you will go over my knee for a good sound bare bottom hand spanking, then after a spell in the corner you will assume the position over the punishment stool for a little chat with my brand new cane who I’ve christened Cruella de Pain!” informed Lady Sarah Jane in a strict voice that sent shivers down Thomas’ spine.

“You may or may not at the end of this punishment,  depending on my whim, be permitted a ‘simmer session’! And if you are a really good boy, you will be rewarded at the end of those 30 days with a ‘pleasure cruise’” the tall blonde continued.

“No, no, dear boy, you will not be accompanying me on a big ship! Let me explain! A simmer session is when I allow you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm before calling ‘Halt’! And By God if you don’t ‘Halt’ then the consequences will be severe, very severe! Think Chastity Belt on Thomas, think key in the Irish Sea!” she laughed, a menacing laugh that suggested she wasn’t joking!

“Now a pleasure cruise is exactly what it says, I will allow your simmer session boil-over so to speak and you will be permitted to go all the way! By yourself I hasten to add!”

Thomas listened stunned in the corner! Since he agreed to walk up those stairs his life had been turned upside-down. And now he couldn’t even look forward to appeasing his raging hard-on! Well not for 30 days anyway!

30 days later ...

“Such a good boy” says the Taskmistress as Thomas stands in front of her, his penance complete. Or so he thinks!

“Now, 30 days wasn’t so bad was it?” purred the Taskmistress, “and you did enjoy the privilege of those little simmer sessions, hmm, now what have you to say about those?”

“Thank-you Taskmistress for allowing an inferior male the comfort of an occasional simmer session for which he is extremely grateful. Your kindness is much appreciated,” said Thomas word perfect, afraid that any error in the catechism would have severe repercussions.

“Such a good boy,” repeats the Taskmistress walking round behind the naked Thomas, her low cleavage and tight black pants, nice perfume all combining to raise his pulses!
She drifted behind him, then whispered in his ear. “Would you like permission to pleasure yourself?!”

“Yes Taskmistress!”

Rubbing his arse lightly with her right hand, then giving the right cheek a stinging spank, Lady Sarah Jane walked slowly in front of the expectant male.

Again caressing him gently on the spanked buttock, then laying a gentle kiss on his nose, she whispered teasingly ... “we’ll see!”

Sitting down on the couch in front of him the Taskmistress picked up a book and commenced reading!

Looking up briefly, she ordered him to drop his pants! He dropped his pants!

With his male pants around his ankles Lady Sarah Jane smiled as she observed he was, as ordered, wearing a black female thong!

Not any old black female thong but Lady Sarah Jane’s black female thong!

Thomas had, during his days on top, often stripped Lady Sarah of all her clothing, administering a sound spanking as he went along!

When her punishment was complete and she stood a chastened female in the corner he would pocket her panties and declare “another notch on the bedpost!”

Now one of those ‘notches on the bed post’ was barely covering his crown jewels, as well as being a source of discomfort at the rear!

Lady Sarah Jane had insisted he wear her underwear for the duration of his 30 days celibacy.

“You have always wanted to get inside my knickers, now that privilege is yours for the next month” she chimed reminding Thomas of his lingerie collection.

Now he stood red-faced in front of the woman he once took such delight in furnishing with a red arse!

“Ok my obedient little servant, place yourself across my knees” ordered Lady Sarah leaving her book on the ground.

Thomas shuffled over to the couch, standing briefly to Lady Sarah Jane’s left. 

“Come, come boy, don’t be shy” she barked and Thomas at once made that now familiar trip over those shapely knees.

She infuriatingly caressed his bare bottom. “What a wonderful idea of mine to make you wear my thongs! It makes your naughty, naughty bottom so accessible!”

Lady Sarah joyfully accompanied each naughty word with a resounding spank, her left hand carrying   powerful purchase given her regular exercise on the tennis court.

“Now Sir Thong, let us commence, count and thank each stroke and don’t miss a beat or not only will we start all over again but your chances of a simmer session will be zero” declared Lady Sarah Jane with the air of a woman comfortable in your wielding of power.

“One My Lady, Thank-you My Lady” said Thomas through gritted teeth as his Lady always ensured the early spanks really hit home!

The duration of the spanking varied. Sometimes she would place an egg-timer in front of Thomas’ nose and make him turn it upside down.  “Tell me when it’s flown through” she would order. On the first occasion Thomas was thrilled to inform of the sands completion only to hear her chime “Very well, now turn it up again, I never liked soft eggs!”

On other occasions she would turn on the television and start watching an hour long programme during which each advertising break she would address herself to the joys of reddening the male rear in front of her!  An hour over Lady Sarah Jane’s lap was always a bitter-sweet experience especially when nursing a manhood which had been starved of ‘action’!

“Right, up you get, over to your punishment corner, hands on head” she would order at the end of the spanking, sending him on his way with another spank to his already sore bum.
Those 15 minutes in the corner were torture as Lady Sarah Jane would invariably take the time to flirt with various male friends on her mobile phone, promising them a little nocturnal fun on their next meeting.

“Don’t fret my obedient servant, most of them too will end up in that corner” she would whisper as she caught Thomas by the ear and led him over to the punishment stool which she had placed in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“All the way over, catch the legs low down, there’s a good boy” she would chide before leaving him stew for maybe five minutes.

That five minutes would be brought to a halt when he heard the swish of the cane as Lady Sarah took a few practice strokes having removed the punishment implement from the back of the kitchen door.

Now here he was again over the stool, his arse in the air but the promise of a pleasure cruise meant the pain would be worth it!

“Six of the best, six in absolute silence” she would say coming closer to her prone victim. “One whimper and that stroke doesn’t count, we go again!” He knew from experience she was a woman of her word!

Swissshhhhhhhh …. He grimaced, he twisted but he kept his mouth shut. As he did, with difficulty for strokes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6”

“Such a good boy, now go stand in front of my couch” she ordered. Resuming her seat on the couch, Lady Sarah Jane again picked up her book.

“You may watch me reading for the next hour” declared Lady Sarah Jane. “Feast your eyes on my body, study my feminine allure, imagine what it would be like to be allowed touch and feel your Taskmistress again! That is the extent of the pleasure you can expect this week!”

“But ... ”


“I have decided to extend your period of Abstinence by a further month only on this occasion you will not be allowed regular simmer sessions! Do I make myself clear?!

“Yes Taskmistress”

“Good boy!”

As Lady Sarah Jane’s blonde head dipped into her book – ‘Tease and denial, two easy steps to controlling your male! – Thomas ogled the Taskmistress with frustrated desire!

“Hands folded behind your back” she barked without looking up. He did as he was told.
The hour passed slowly, silently as Thomas - his arms folded obediently behind his back, his trousers down around his ankles, his crown jewels wrapped in Lady Sarah Jane’s thong – contemplated a future totally in thrall of this blonde beauty sitting regally on the couch in front of him.

And every second of that hour the words ‘Tease and Denial’ were staring him in the face!
Lady Sarah Jane, he mused, could have written the book!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Kajira Sharon’s Gorean Awakening

Part 1 - Sharon's Initiation 

Dublin's Hueston Station was dealing with its usual Friday evening hustle and bustle as Sharon Kane nervously took her seat on the train.

Her loose, just above the knee Summer dress revealed a nice amount of flesh and she was pleased that the males in the carriage took more than passing notice of her 40 year old curves.

Though she had the comfort of her cool black shades and a nice pair of sandals, Sharon felt more than a little undressed. By order of a Master she had yet to meet she was wearing no panties!

Every step from the taxi to the train had been an excruciating yet oh so exciting experience, the throbbing between her legs betraying an sexual alertness that had lain dormant for years. Indeed NEVER had she felt so sexually aroused!

Sharon raised her hand to feel the little black choker around her neck. Her collar! To the other passengers it was a choker, maybe a little out of place worn with a summer dress but a harmless choker. To the female herself, though, it was representative of a Gorean collar and a symbol of her first steps into bondage.

It had arrived in the post that morning, accompanied by a terse note which ordered her to wear it on her train journey to Kilkenny. The same terse letter that told her to wear no panties. The same terse letter that instructed her to bring absolutely no baggage. The same terse message that suggested she need not bother getting on the train if she had not left her mobile phone in her Dublin City apartment.

As the train pulled out Sharon shuffled in her seat. If she wasn't careful she would orgasm! She was on her way to meet her Master! On her way to a new life. On her way to slavery!

Luckily she had taken up the window seat of a two-seater which ensured there were no witnesses to her struggle with the constant throbbing in her nether regions. Trying to distract herself Sharon picked up her white cardigan and took from its pocket an envelope she was told not to open until she arrived in the station in Kilkenny.

She held it in her hand, wondering what it contained, then left it down on the little table. As the train made its first stop she picked up the envelope again, fingered the seal.

"Is this seat taken" a middle aged man asked. Sharon nodded no. The last order on the terse note had been underlined in red. 'Talk to no one on the train'!

Eying her legs, taking in the nice hint of cleavage the balding newcomer immediately tried to shorten his journey by chatting up the sexy bird.

"You going far" he asked. She nodded Yes. She wasn't sure to tell the truth, she didn't know how far Kilkenny was. But it was beyond Newland's Cross so it must be far!

In the hope that it would put him off talking and also because she was curious as to what it contained, Sharon tore open the envelope. Before she could unfold the page it contained she was rocked by the words of her neighbour.

"Curiosity is not becoming in a Kajira!"

With that he put his left hand on her right knee and with his dexterous fingers inched up the material of her summer dress.

Excited but afraid Sharon froze for a second, then her usual independent spirit exerting itself she hissed 'get your hands off of me you pervert'.

"You have spoken without permission" he exclaimed before the left hand that had been grappling with her garment came thundering down on Sharon's right knee.

'Ouch' she cried, the 'ahhh, ooohhhh' followed as her neighbours left hand strayed from her right knee and drifted into the cleft between her legs, pressing the material of the dress into her womanhood.

Looking ahead as if viewing the scenery, the male firmly twiggled the fingers of his hand into her sensitive sex and whispered a question.

"What have we here Kajira" he asked. She nodded she didn't know.

"We have here Kajira, your clitoris, the property of Laurence the Lash; your clitoris is no longer yours, it belongs, in all its glory, to your new Master, it is he who will decide if you are ever again to enjoy a ‘pleasure cruise’

With his fingers continuing to probe the balding man, still looking straight ahead informed his passenger of her new station in life.

"This, Kajira Sharon, we call a ‘simmer session’! The female is sexually aroused in mind and body but she is not permitted orgasm! Your crude Earth males might refer to a female such as you as 'a bitch in heat'!

Sharon was about to launch a withering reply when a loudly whispered 'SILENCE' from her male neighbour stilled her lips. Her other lips, though, were far from still and the middle finger of the males left hand was now pressing firmly on the doorway to the Promised Land!

"Now I require a little snooze, I suggest you do likewise" said the male. Though he closed his eyes, he didn't still his fingers and by the time the train announcer called out 'Next stop Kilkenny' the woman who left her city apartment as a respectable citizen of Dublin was but now a quivering slut who, this minute, would have done anything to be allowed bring herself to a shuddering orgasm!

Her neighbouring passenger removed his hand from its comfortable resting place and stood up to get out as the train eased into Kilkenny..

"Heel" he ordered with nonchalant ease, "two steps behind your Master" and with that he opted to proceed down the length of the carriage rather than alight at the door nearest to him. Heeling him all the way, two steps behind was a sexy 45 year old female in a summer dress and a choker around her neck.

Arriving on the platform the male took off at a brisk pace until he arrived to the carpark. Heeling him all the way was a female with tears in her eyes. Tears of fear? Perhaps! Tears of joy? Yes, most definitely! 

For the first time in her life Sharon had met a man who would brook no disobedience, a man who was completely disinterested in sexual ethics, a man who was not only going to keep her in line but who was going to have her toeing a very definite line.

His march from the station led her to a Taxi driven by a stern looking woman and barely were they sitting in the backseat together when Sharon found herself blindfolded. Then the infuriating yet exciting hand returned to the gateway to the Promised Land!

The deprivation of sensory vision meant that Sharon was even more aware of the throbbing between her legs. Then she felt her summer dress shifted even further up as the males left hand clamped the furry bunch, the middle finger probing into the juicy cavern..

Ooohss and aaahs began to emit from the newly arrived slave and abandoning all pretence of normality Sharon began to move her arse in the seat so to speed the process of edging her herself over the top!

His finger probed, pressed and moved faster, then faster again! Sharon's arse rose and fell with rapidity against the leather seat, then rose and fell faster again.

OOohhh, ahhhhh,   ooeeeee, ee oooh ... croaked Sharon as the female taxi-driver, taking a glimpse in the rear view mirror, smiled, remembering her own initiation ceremony, bitter sweet memories?!

OOohhh, ahhhhh, ooeeee, oooooohhhhh ... croaked Sharon ....  then the finger stilled! The hand was gone!

"And so a female can be denied" cooed the man opening the door and getting out leaving a stunned Sharon overwhelmed with desire.

"Drop the Kajira off at the slave pens" he instructed the female taxi-driver "and if on the journey she touches herself downstairs you have my permission to introduce her to the whip"

Thus did a blindfolded, frustrated female arrive to her new 'home'

 Goodbye Dublin, hello 'Gor'!

{Should you wish to hear what happened next go to Pages on this blog where you can read the entire six chapters of Sharon's Gorean adventure, an adventure with, perhaps, a twist in the tale?! Certainly a sting on the tail!}

Role Reversal as Lady Sarah Jane takes complete control !

LADY Sarah Jane Strict strode confidently into the hotel foyer. Tall, blonde, beautiful, as the shapely female walked briskly to the check-in desk many admiring male eyes followed her every step, as indeed did envious female eyes!

One pair of those male eyes was doing more than merely following Lady Sarah Jane’s movement, he was walking obediently in her wake! 

“Heel” Lady Sarah Jane had ordered as they alighted from her chauffer driven limousine! 

‘Heel’ he had been taught meant walking a respectful three paces behind Lady Sarah Jane. And if she stopped, he stopped!

‘Heeling’ too he had been taught was done in silence. ‘Mere males do not speak without my permission’ she had informed him during a strenuous induction ceremony which had taken place in her Ladyship’s Boyneside Palace!

Having read on fetlife that her victim ‘adored the female bottom’ Lady Sarah Jane lured him to his doom with the very subject of his admiration! She had allowed him access to her glorious bottom, even ‘encouraged’ him to spank it! But it was all a game, all part of her devious plan!

Lady Sarah Jane knew that if she introduced Thomas to her callipygian curves he would become totally hooked, blinded to all reason by the promise of access to the finest arse in the realm! And she had to admit that the spankings and scoldings he administered caused her to tingle downstairs!

However, she was Lady Sarah Jane Strict and she had one aim in life, to bring all men to their knees! To ensure that every male chauvinist pig she came across ended up on his knees licking her long black leather boots clean!

She was wearing those very boots as she steered Thomas by an ‘invisible leash’ to the check-in desk. The two inch above the knee black skirt, black woollen tights and tight black polo-neck shirt completed a sexy ensemble that drove Thomas mad with desire!

Now though that desire was ‘controlled’ by she who must be obeyed. The very arse he had once taken joy in spanking, then caressing, was ‘out of bounds’!

“You will not so much as touch the elastic on my panties without my permission, do I make myself clear servant-boy?” she had barked when Thomas dared put his hand on her arse during that induction ceremony.

Shocked, he took his hand away. It was the last time he had touched those glorious globes though she had promised “if he was a really good boy” she might allow him a little ‘feel’ but that he had a long, long way to go and “a lot to learn” before he would earn that privilege. 

“And just in case Little Master Bates is tempted to indulge his fantasies in his virgin bed, we are going to lock you into a chastity belt, won’t that be nice” Lady Sarah Jane had informed him shortly after his hand last touched her arse.

He threw a bit of a temper tantrum, let a few roars but was silenced by the feisty female responding in kind and, as is so often the case, the female got the last word!

“You have been naughty and know you deserve to be punished” she declared. “Now you have two choices, walk out that door and out of my life or get up them stairs and into the punishment room!”

Thomas was stunned. ‘Walk out that door? Out of her life?’ No! No!

Without saying a word, be began to slowly mount the stairs! When he had gone but three steps he received further instructions from Lady Sarah Jane!

“Lose the clothing, every last stitch, place them in the black sack you will find on the chair, then go stand in the corner, hands on your head, I will be up presently to deal with you!”

Thomas could hardly believe his ears. But the alternative did not bear thinking about. He removed his shirt, socks and pants, put them in the black bag, went and stood in the very corner he had had Lady Sarah Jane stand displaying a well spanked arse!

“Oh Christ, she’ll really enjoy getting her revenge” he rued as he stood waiting the arrival of his new Mistress!

Finally he heard her steps on the stairs!

“Just what are you doing with those black pants on?” she barked as she leaned against the jam of the door of the punishment room. 

“I .. em ... ah .. “ he muttered.


“Now, drop your pants, good boy” she cooed as if talking to a child!

He did as he was told!

“Better, much better, such a naughty bottom but such a pale bottom” commented Lady Sarah Jane as she walked closer and gave each buttock a sharp smack with her gloved hand!

“Now, Little Motor Mouth, I’ve a little present for you!” declared her Ladyship as she placed the strings of one of her black thongs between his teeth. 

“Hold on tight to your dreams” she sang into his ear, laughing.

“If you drop that thong, this relationship is over before it begins” she warned. “Now go place two pillows in the centre of the bed and get your naughty arse over them” she ordered.

He did as he was told, careful to keep a grip on the thong! As he moved he noticed that Lady Sarah Jane was wearing the lovely blue dress, the silver O necklace, the matching bracelet. ‘Oh Christ but she was gorgeous’ 

As Thomas lay over the pillows, naked, the cool air on his buttocks sent a shiver of fear through his body. The new cane hanging on the back of the door since he had bought it in Fantasia during the sales was about to have its first swish! But not in the hands of the one expected! Nor was the bottom the intended initial target!

“Six” she declared cooly. “Your favourite number! Count and thank, you know the drill!”
He did! But not from this angle!

Swwwiiisssshhhhhhhh .... “One Miss, Thank-you Miss”

“I like to be called ‘My Lady’. Its much more regal!”

Swwwiiisssshhhhhhhh .... “Two My Lady, Thank-you My Lady!”

And so it went until Thomas’s ass was Lady Sarah Jane’s, a red, hot, sore ass, a repentant ass!

Now as he followed his Mistress to the check-in desk, he travelled in hope. Around her neck she wore the O which was a constant reminder to him that he must be obedient while on her left hand was a new charm bracelet, one of which charms was the key to his chastity belt!

Lady Sarah Jane was his key-holder and had promised him a conduct review in Room 143 of this Belfast hotel. If the review was favourable she would remove the belt for a half an hour though he would not be allowed ‘touch’ what she termed ‘her property’!

If the review wasn’t favourable then the key remained on the charm bracelet for another month though he was hopeful of an earlier release if he was a really, really good boy!
However those plans were scuppered when he heard Lady Sarah Jane talking with the lady at reception. 

“Could you place this key in the Hotel Safe” asked his Mistress and she removed it from the bracelet. “I wish to leave it here for a year and will pay for it by direct debit from this plastic” she continued, taking out  Thomas’s bankcard of which she was now in complete control.

Looking over her shoulder and nodding at the distraught Thomas Lady Sarah Jane informed the receptionist “When you control the purse strings and the penis, you control the man!”

And now, thanks to the devious Lady Sarah Jane, Thomas' own purse-strings were about to pay for the controlling of his penis!

Oh Christ! How he loved to redden that bitches arse!

But he couldn’t so much as lay a finger on it! 

He was under her thumb! Firmly under her thumb!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Prisoner Hop-1-2-3-4

He had christened her the first day he visited her cell and never referred to her as anything else ...

"Stand!" he ordered as she sat looking up at the Prison Officer who took over the night shift.

"I said STAND, do as you are bid QUICKLY!"

Shocked into action by his 'tone' she did as she was bid, quickly!

"Hands by your side, stand to attention!"



"Amy, Sir!"

"Sorry, Amy, Sir"

"Amy, a nice name, but that was your name on the outside, where you couldn't behave! In here we will have a different name for you, a name more appropriate to your station ...

"Now, hands straight out and hop, 1-2-3-4, get those knees up touching your palms! Quickly! Count!"

Shocked, she did as she was told!

"Good girl!"

"I hereby christen you Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4!"


"A ... !"



"Yes indeed young lady, yes indeed, Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4, and during your stay here you will have the honour of hopping to my tune, do I make myself clear?!"

"Yes Sir!"

"Good girl!"

"Now, go stand in the corner, hands on your head, like a naughty schoolgirl! I am of the opinion if ye females were properly disciplined in your younger days you would not be the burden on society ye turned out to be! But it's never too late to administer deserved punishment ...

"I will be back to administer your first spanking ... until then, take time-out in your Naughty Corner to reflect on your sins ...."

Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4 stood, hands on her head, in her Naughty Corner.

She shook her head, in disbelief! She was already referring to herself as Prisoner- Hop-1-2-3-4! And referencing too HER Naughty Corner!

All kinds of scenarios had swirled round inside her kinky head regarding prison life but this wasn't one of them!

"Ah, already under Warden Burns thumb I see!" she heard a female voice declare.

She had forgotten that she was visible to all, that the prison bars kept her in full view ...

She turned her head and saw two women, fellow in-mates, dressed in the same orange jump suits.

"Ah, ah, get your nose back in that corner Missy, Warden Burns doesn't allow peeping!"

She did as she was told! She was finding that that was becoming her default system in here. Doing as she was bid!

"What a fine ass she has, the Warden is going to love spanking those delightful mounds of rear flesh!" stated the other prisoner, a statement accompanied by an evil laugh as she added "and I will quite enjoy warming those globes myself too!"

"You see, my dear, in here we have an Order of Merit and I am top dog, you are my lowly bitch, that's the way Warden Burns likes it, he is a believer in strict discipline, severe punishment and I have tasted that punishment. It is in my interests to make sure the prisoners are in ship-shape, don't cause him any grief! Comprende?"

Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4, the former feisty Amy, nose in HER Naughty Corner, nodded her head ...


"Yes" spoken into the wall.

"Yes Miss Strict!"

"Yes Miss Strict!"


"Yes Miss Strict!"

"Good girl!"

"I'm sure the Warden will be along shortly to administer your first spanking! Then I will see to your lights-out spanking! Welcome to Prison-life ... "


Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4 stands captive in HER Naughty Corner and is now on a PROMISE of TWO spankings!

A 23 year-old hardened criminal; about to be spanked; not once, but twice; once by a man, once by a woman! And she was moist at the thought!

She heard the key in the lock, sensed him walk about, heard the springs of the mattress as he sat down ...

"Now then, young lady, STRIP!"

Still facing the wall she hesitated ....


"Sandals first, then the jump suit, leave them neatly at your feet!"

She did as she was told.

"Hands on your head!"

Now Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4 stood in HER Naughy Corner in just her regulation prison bra and panties.

"Nice, very nice! Now turn round, walk over here and drape yourself across my knee ....

As she turned she saw him tap the short prison strap on the palm of his hand! Soon it would be alighting on her 23 year-old bottom!


She draped herself over his suited knee!

Their eyes met before she did! His eyes brooked no disobedience! No mercy!

As she hung over his knees, seeking purchase for her feet and hand, seeking 'comfort', she felt him caress her panties, his fingers and thumb tracing daintily along the cotton! Her moistness grew!

And then without warning, the first crack! Her right buttock was ablaze! Then her left! Then her right! Left! Right! Left!

She jumped and jerked but he held her firmly in place!

"Ah yes, you can't beat a good old fashioned six of the best as a warm-up" he declared happily as his fingers again played a tune on the cotton, only now the delights within were decorated with needles of pain!

"Now, let's lower, the young lady's panties, so as we can get a better view of the canvas, a canvas Warden Burns will be painting regularly ... "

And as her panties were lowered she, Prisoner-Hop-1-2-3-4 was close to orgasm!


"Well now, what have we here?!" he asks as his hand sneaks between her thighs, the tip of his thumb dipping in to her moistness!

The Prisoner whimpers, moves, hoping to gain more purchase for his alluring thumb!

"Ah, ah, down girl! We have a long way to go before the penitent female earns such treats!"

He placed the short prison strap in front of her lips ...

"Kiss, tongue, make love to the leather!"

She did as she was bid! And she was never more aroused in her life!"

"Good girl!"

"But you haven't always been a good girl have you?! That's why you are in here!

For rehabilitation! But above all for Punishment with a Capital P!"

"Now kiss and tongue that strap with more fervour, make love to it as if it was your boyfriends manhood, it might be the only taste of manhood you will get until your release!"

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Disciplining Denise

Denise couldn't believe it. Here she was a 31 year-old female confined to 'Her Naughty Corner!'

Hands on head, nose to the wall, just as if she were a naughty child.

At least he had left her with the dignity of retaining all her clothes! But my word that over the knee spanking on her denim rear had stung!

Stung, and brought her to her senses. Even though she had agreed to the role-play of a female needing a firm hand she baulked at the first hurdle; when he ordered her to the corner for being five minutes late for her appointment in she refused to do as she was told!

"You must be joking, it was ONLY five minutes," she protested proceeding to sit down on the couch, his couch,

Barely had her ass touched the the cushion when she felt his hand on her wrist and she was steered forcefully across the small room, suddenly finding herself across his knee, he sitting comfortably on the edge of the bed, she head on the duvet, feet on the floor, ass in the air!

"How dare you be so dismissive of deserved discipline!" he lectured, accompanying each syllable with a resounding spank to alternate buttocks!

Then he caressed the heated denim and the delights within whilst he scolded the prone female. "It is quite obvious the young lady has never been held accountable for her actions, has never been kept on a tight leash, never being subjected to Discipline with a Capital D!"

"No Sir" she heard herself responding.

"No Sir," he repeated "but that is no longer the case! From now on Denise will be subject to rules and regulations and Sir will expect perfect obedience, do I make myself clear young lady?!'

"Yes Sir"

"Good girl! Now go stand in your naughty corner, hands on head until such time as Sir releases you and that young lady will be so as you can get dressed for bed, an early bedtime will further underline your now found status!"

And with one last stinging smack he bid her go do as she was told

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Strip to order

Having dressed to order for their first date the natural follow on is that she would strip to order too!

She had passed his initial inspection though she was reprimanded for only having the top button of her blouse open and ordered to rectify the situation at once!

She had been allowed one alcoholic drink before they left the Teach Dolmain and linking him by the wrist as ordered they walked the short distance to his humble abode.

He sat comfortably on the couch in the bedsit and bid her stand between it and the bed, upon which, ominously, were placed two pillows one a top the other midway down, the 'Pillows of Pain', the site for her pending punishment, punishment 'earned' by dent of a series of long distance demerits, demerits added to by her failure to adhere to the button rule!

"Remove your blouse!" he ordered, she did as she was told.

"Fold it neatly, place it on the desk. Good girl!"

"Now the skirt ... "

When both garments were neatly on the desk he ordered her to fold her hands behind her back.

She did as she was told and he drank in the glorious cleavage on display, studied too the rest of her delectable body.

"Eyes looking straight in front", he ordered.

She did as she was told, picking as spot on the wall just over his sitting head!

He stood up, and walked around her, looking her up and down ...

"What have we here, hhhmm .... "

"A naughty female in need of discipline" he answered his own question.

"A naughty female deserving, indeed craving, a spanked bottom" he continued, laying two smacks on her pantied rear!

"Get thee to the bed wench" he ordered, place yourself over the Pillows of Pain"

Once more she followed his orders, she a female who up to a week ago rarely if ever took instruction, especially from single, bald, middle-aged men!

Now her face and feet were feeling the comfort of the duvet, her breasts caressed the depth of pillow but hoisted high was her green pantied bottom, a dish served up to He Who Must Be Obeyed.

"Nice, very nice!" he said and proceeded to unbuckle his belt, double it in two. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it ...

This bitch needs training ....

And the bite of the belt is a wonderful teacher!