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Friday, 23 September 2016

Discipline with a Capital D

She couldn't believe it. She had often fantasied of a something similar but now it was really happening, she was sitting in the foyer of the West County Hotel dressed to order and nursing a well spanked bottom!

He had, that morning, woken her from her drunken slumber, presented her with a glass of water and two panadol then left her sleep a while ...

This second sleep was rudely interrupted when he caught her by the wrist, dragged her out from under the sheets and sitting on the edge of the hotel room bed draped her across his knee ...

Her nightied bottom was soon the recipient of a volley of well timed, stinging spanks and attempts to parry them saw her wrist pinned to her back.

Then he lifted said nightie and proceeded to spank pantied bottom, the red peeking out from beneath proof of the firmness of his earlier work.

Soon it was time to take down those panties for no real punishment spanking is complete without a bare bottom blistering!

As his palm printed red marks on her buttocks the naughty one called out for mercy, she was sorry, very sorry ...

But the spanks continued to rain down as the crime of turning up drunk for their first date, then proceeding to get drunker was one which would be paid for by a very sore and red arse!

Finally, he let her drift off his knee to the floor ...

"One hour, the foyer, dressed in white blouse, black skirt, black tights, black heels and and that nice sexy pink panties and bra set underneath!"

"Oh, and young lady, bring your hairbrush ... "

Sunday, 18 September 2016

31 going on 13

She was 31, a strong independent, modern woman but when summonsed to Sir's presence she was reduced virtually to the status of a 13 year-old, a teenager subject to rules and regulations and the very sound of his voice and those fateful words "Now then young lady ... " caused her to instinctively caress her backside in sympathy for there was no doubt but that she would soon be nursing a reddened rear and she stood in her naughty corner, hands on head, panties around her knees!

31 going on 13

Friday, 9 September 2016

Sensual Stinging

Turmoil. Yes, her fetlife name was well chosen: she has all these fantasies and desires but no where, no one in her general area to turn them into hot reality. Why wouldn't a woman be in turmoil?!

She declared herself a sensualist. Not a bottom, not a top, not a switch, a sensualist. And what a wonderful thing to be if you had someone to be sensual with! Why wouldn't a woman be in turmoil?!

Now, as it happens, and ok he isn't in her general area, there was a man who might well be send to be a kindred spirit ...

Yes, he declared himself a spanko, and that's no word of a lie but he is also a man who often refers to a spanking as sensual stinging!

Imagine, if you will, Lady Turmoil draped over his knee, he sitting comfortably on the fine double bed in the hotel, fully suited, she still in the clothes she met him in below in the foyer, an outfit she had been ordered to wear, the white blouse and black skirt to just above the knee covering a sexy matching white bra and panties.

Draped over his knee she felt his hand tracing the contours of skirted rear, the fingers and thumb splaying as he rotated round every inch of the soon the be spanked bottom.

She had been forbidden to speak but that didn't really matter just then as she luxuriated in the soothing salutations to her callipygian curves ...

"Now then young lady" she heard him say, "long threatening comes at last! You have dreamt of having your arse reddened .... "

"That ...*spank* .... time .... *spank* .... has ... *spank* .... come ...*spank*

His palm alighted on alternate buttocks with forceful authority ...

He resumed his caressing ....

And now a woman was in turmoil again! But for a very different reason? She was moist and craving attention ...