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Monday, 31 October 2016

Watch out! The boogeyman might get you!

The streets of Ennis were filled all day with little wicked witches, monsters, walking pumpkins, even the odd pirate, but they were there every day of the week not just school halloween break!
It had been a day of dressing up, or dressing down, finding long haggard old dresses to play witch and flirting with whoever was behind the boogeyman mask!
"You better watch out or the boogeyman might get you!" he warned before landing a smarting spank on her witches arse!
On an ordinary school day he would have been up for sexual harassment, today what could she do but grin and bear it! And secretly enjoy it!
She was glad when school was over and it was time to unwind, not just a long weekend but midterm, hallelujah!
She felt oh so sexy in her fitted black dress revealing a hint of cleavage and reaching to about two inches above the knee, her knee high boots and black patterned tights and the black lacy underwear underneath provided her with that tingle of sexual tension she so embraced.
She was walking from the back carpark in the Old Ground Hotel to meet some teaching colleagues for some light refreshments and a bite to eat and she was looking forward to it, the schoolyard spank witnessed by her peers certain to be a topic for discussion!
"Better watch out or the boogeyman might get you!" she heard a voice say and again her bottom set a stinging by powerful male palm.
"Enough is enough!" she turned around to berate her attacker but it wasn't who she expected! The male teachers in her school were all well over 6 foot, this person was not as tall ... and this person was secreted behind a boogeyman face and full boogeyman outfit!
He bent her right arm into her back, placed his other hand over her mouth and steered her over towards her car ...
"Did you parents not warn you to watch out for the boogeyman, especially when you've been a naughty girl?" he queried.
Fearing rape she fought him her best, but he was too strong.
Yes a very, very naughty girl, a respectable teacher, a married woman, perving on fetliife!'
It was HIM!
Oh Christ, it was HIM!
"Yes indeed, young lady, the fantasy is over, it is I, I you will redden your arse, He Who Must Be Obeyed!"
"Now, off in to a nice vanilla luncheon with your mates, when they suggest retiring to Brogan's for drinks you make your excuses and when they have left, go to reception and ask for the key to room 666 .... the boogeyman's knee and punishing palm awaits you!"
* * * * *
The Old Ground was busy, Winter tourists mixing with local schoolteachers, many of whom were heading for sunny climes on the morrow.

One particular schoolteacher was going to sunny climes in about two hours, climbing two levels of the historic hotel to have have a part of the body the sun don't shine on rendered a nice shade of rosy red!
She even imagined as she eat her Goats Cheese salad that she could still feel the two spanks administered earlier today!
Imagine, then, how long it would be before the sensation of his belt alighting on her bared bottom would take to depart ...
Never, in her born life, did she wish a meal, and after-dinner drinks to be over ...
She herself was the main course elsewhere ...
* * * * *
Finally, eventually, at long last even, she was freed of vanilla obligations and a few flight of stairs separated her from the delights of a damn good spanking ...
She could, of course, tip on down to Brogan's and be bored out of her tree and when they all got sufficiently drunk decide to walk en bloc to Knox's where some of the clientele were probably past pupils of the old fogeys!
The stairs won!
"Yes, Mr Burns left the key to his room for you" said the receptionist, and did the teacher imagine that a little blush appeared on the young woman's face?
Perhaps, she mused, the girl knew what exactly was going on in room 666. Perhaps the receptionist herself had had her bottom spanked by Mr Burns?
Mr Burns? An appropriate name she thought ...
"Yes indeed young lady, Burns my name and Burns by nature as you will soon find out" he declared when having swiped the door of 666 she smiled and queried of the man reclining on the bed, "Mr Burns I presume?!"
Having confirmed his identity, he nodded her over his knee ...
She tentatively draped herself across his lap and luxuriated in his immediate caressing!
She had chosen well!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Teacher Touch Your Toes

She smiled a contented smile as she sat at her desk just having concluded her school week with an imperious "Class Dismissed" and waited until the first of her pupils were near the door to add "Punishment Assignments to be on my desk 20 minutes before first lesson Monday morning".

She watched with delight the grimaces on the faces of the boys and girls at this latest bad news as she had already presented them with sufficient homework to make sure they would not enjoy a carefree weekend.

She was, she knew, a prize bitch.

After the classroom had emptied she took out her laptop and logged in to fetlife, it was there she got her fix of kink and it was there she was hoping to meet the man, or woman, who would put her true her paces ...

For, yes, she, the prize bitch, who had students jumping through hoops all week, had herself a hankering for a spankering!

As she logged into MizzB she was excited to see her envelope at the top of the screen had a red sign attached, she had mail. Probably the PalmPrinter, she mused, knowing that the day was edging ever nearer she would be going over his knee!

"Teacher Touch Your Toes" she read in the subject box. Another of his sexy stories ..

But, no, this wasn't from him. This was from 'AvengingStudent', an 18 year-old female.

Hello Miss,

You really should be more careful and not leave your laptop unattended, especially when logged in to inappropriate sites!

And, fetlife, Miss, with all its whips and ropes and lewd nudeness is not an appropriate site for a responsible educator, is it? And especially not when be accessed on school premises during school time!

So what are we going to do with you, Miss? You will, without doubt, have to be punished.Yes, punished, Miss, you are a dab hand at handing out punishment assignments yourself! Well I have news for you, you will be doing my Punishment Assignment this weekend, we needn't worry about the handwriting not being mine as you will be correcting it! However I will be checking it for neatness and accuracy, so make sure every i is crossed and t dotted.

Oh, and Miss, I thought you were too lenient really, so make that 100 lines, 200, good girl.

Now, Miss, what was that you said at the start of term, the first Friday we discovered we had Cruella de Bitch for English ...

Oh, yes, I remember now, "It is a big regret of mine that corporal punishment is not permitted in schools anymore or everyone of you would be touching your toes and then going home to sit on sore asses to write out your Punishment Assignments".

Remember Miss?

Well, Miss, confession being good for the soul, I got a little tingle downstairs when I heard your threat! Because you see Miss, like you, I have a secret little craving and quite like the idea of having my bottom spanked!

But, now Miss, I quite like the idea of administering the spanking! And guess who is going to be the recipient?

Yes indeed, you Miss, Good girl, Top of the Class!

And that's where it will take place, at the top of the class. You will face the blackboard, hands on head, you can keep your teachers clothes on, you are very sexy in that white blouse and black skirt.

When you hear the door open, then closed, then locked, you will keep facing the board, so much as a glimpse over your shoulder and the game is over and the details of your cyber crime will be furnished to the Principal and, Miss, we both know the Principal is such a goody two shoes that she should have been a nun and would be askance at your disgusting carry-on.

And should that happen, Miss, you will lose your job and never get another one, you will be like those past pupils of yours you tell us about, "the lazy good for nothings who sat here doing nothing and who now are a burden on the state drawing the dole".

That would be a big come down for you Miss and we wouldn't want that would we? No!So simple solution is you doing exactly as I say, when I say, how I say. You will, Miss, in fact, be my little slave!

Oh don't fret pet, I have boys my own age I want to ride, sorry for being so crude Miss, I even have a few girls I wouldn't mind pleasuring and being pleasured by ... so you won't be under my thumb 24/7. Just when I feel like it!

You keep your job, your status in society so long as when the call comes, you drop everything and run to do your Mistresses bidding!

Couldn't be fairer than that now could I Miss?

When do we start your new life you ask? 
No time like the present Miss, strike while the iron is hot I say and the iron won't be the only thing hot, sit comfortably while you can, that ass of yours is going to become a furnace shortly, I believe those swishy school canes do that to a girls rear, especially when her skirt and knickers are removed from the equation!

So, like the very good girl you are going to become, go stand facing the blackboard, hands on head ...I will be along shortly ...


She hears the school door open, whoever is blackmailing her knows the school well, the caretaker always rushes off on a Friday evening, as, coincidentally, or perhaps not, the secretary ...

Both are married but rumour has it ...

Anyway, that's neither here nor there now for the teacher standing facing the WHITE Board!

The door closes, she hears the key in the door, footsteps coming closer up the central aisle ...

She, the teacher, resisted the urge to look around, she had no choice really but she was really anxious to know just which one of her pupils had put her in this terrible predicament … 

There was silence, it seemed like forever but twas probably only 30 seconds, then ...

"What a sexy pose and soon teacher will touch her toes!" came not so much a commanding voice as a sing-song, almost jeering voice.

And she facing the White Board grimaced and sent plaintive eye to Heaven, an 'oh no' escaping her lips.

Of all the female pupils in the class, not her! 

But there was only one girl in the class with a hoity-toity English accent and that was Mandy, a right little bitch, one who the teacher had reason to send to the Principal, the subsequent suspension being heatedly contested by the child's father who claimed all his daughter had done was tell the truth when her educator asked who did she think she was and the girl answered "A trainee bitch and I am learning from the best!"

"Now then Miss Bitch, two steps back, touch your toes, good girl"

The teacher does as she is told, there is a tinge of anger but what's a woman to do!

Her pupil has her by the short and curlies!

"What a lovely arse you've got Miss, it's going to be an absolute pleasure owning that piece of meat!"

Her tormentor caresses her teachers skirted bottom and it is safe to say that at that very point in time the two female in the room were moist!

"Like that Miss?"

"You were asked a question?!"

"And don't lie!"

"Yyy .. yes Mandy, I like it!"


The bent over teacher was the recipient of two stinging spanks, one to each buttock.

"How dare you call your superior by her first name, how very dare you!"

And two more scorching spanks alight upon each cheek!

"You, Miss, will call me, let's see ... "

"Hhhmmm ...

"You can call me Mistress! Yes Mistress is perfect, for you are my little slave, aren't you Miss?!"

Two more spanks ...

... and with a tear dropping from her eye the bent over teacher whispered ...

"Yes Mistress!"


"Yes Mistress!"

"What are you Miss?"

"Your little slave Mistress"

"And do slaves get to wear schoolteacher attire?"

"No Mistress" the schoolgirl answered herself landing two more spanks before repeating the question and hearing her English teacher answer "No Mistress"

"Correct! Now straighten up and go stand in front of your desk" ordered the schoolgirl as she took her place in the teachers chair.

Standing in front of the desk the teacher felt like a naughty child awaiting a scolding ...

"Hands on head" ordered the schoolgirl dismissively.

"Good girl!"

"Now, I have an old-fashioned egg-timer here, I am going to turn it upside-down and by the time the last sand has fallen you Miss better be stark naked, comprende?"

"Yyess Mistress"

"Good girl"

And with that the egg-timer was up-ended.

"Oh and Miss, your clothes are to be folded neatly and left on the desk, the former occupant of this chair was a stickler for tidiness!"

"Yes Mistress" nodded the schoolteacher as she began to open the buttons of her blouse in front of her watchful pupil.

The teacher opening the buttons of her blouse, removing the white top, folding it neatly and placing it on the desk where the upperhand female pupil watches carefully.

"Good girl, the skirt next ... "

The teacher does as she is told, again neatly folding the garment and feeling quite exposed as she does so but she was about to feel even more exposed ...

"Off with the shoes, place them neatly under the desk, then off with the tights, leave them with your clothes, then stand up straight, hands on head" came the teenage orders.

"Quickly! Remember the sands of time are ebbing!"

Having complied, the teacher, barefooted in just her bra and panties stood before her pupil.

"Nice, very nice, turn around so as I can get a rear view"

Again she obeyed, what else could she do?

"And back around ... "

"Good girl!"

"Now while the sands are still spilling remove your bra, place it on the table, then the panties, then resume your position ... "

The teacher hesitanty, reluctantly, reached for the clasp of her bra ...

"Brostaighi, brostaighi Miss!" {Brostaighi is Gaelic for quickly, aoft used in Irish schools!}

Her breasts bared,she out an arm before them as she placed her bra on the desk, then bent to lower her panties ...

"What sexy lingerie you wear Miss, red for danger is it? Were you planning to give some man a little treat tonight?!"

"Oh and Miss, whilst I may not require your sexual services 24/7 that does not mean that you are free to cavort with others, your orgasms, if any, are mine, your pleasure, if any, will be at my say-so, so you best be a very good little girl and then maybe your Mistress will bestow on to her little slave a nice explosive orgasm! You'd like that Miss wouldn't you?"

"Yyyy ... yes Mistress!"

"She who hesitates is lost! No more yyy ... yes, its Yes Mistess, No Mistress, if Mistress pleases, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good girl"

"Now kneel, fold your hands behind your back"

"Spread your legs a little further"


"Oh Miss you look exquisite, slavery becomes you"

"You have been paid a compliment, what do you say?

"Thank you Mistress"

"Yes indeed, Miss, you have every reason to thank your Mistress, she has put you where you belong ....

The empowered pupil, still in schoolgirl uniform, arose from HER seat and eyeing the kneeling teacher said ...

"Time for me to be out of these clothes" ...

and proceeded to undress ... keeping her eye on her new charge at all times!

"Exciting isn't it Miss? A nubile teenage body being unveiled in front of you?!"

"You were asked a question, answer it!"

"Sorry Mistress, Yes Mistress"

"And what is it that you are excited by, hhhmm?"

"You Mistress"

"Yes, but the query was isn't it exciting to have a nubile teenage body unveiled in front of you. Do, as you'd say yourself Miss, pay attention!"

"Now what are you being excited by ... ?"

"A nubile teenage body being unveiled in front of me"

"Full sentence please, Miss, 'I am being excited by ..
"I am being excited by a nubile teenage body being unveiled in front of me"

"Good girl"

The pupil during this discourse had removed uniform and the regulation white bra and panties, she stood before her teacher in white knee socks and sensible black shoes.

She walked in front of the kneeling teacher.

"Kiss my footwear in thanksgiving of your new status"

As a shocked, but increasingly excited educator, bent to her latest demeaning task she was the recipient of further orders ...

"More tongue Miss, kiss that shoe as if it is the most important, precious item in your life ...

As Miss once more did as she was told she heard the familiar sound of a camera phone being clicked to capture a moment ...

And what a moment!

The naked teachers tongue fervently tonguing regulation school shoe!

Ok Miss, that is sufficient .... for now”

"Kneel, arms behind your back"

"Good girl!"

And again the camera clicked.

"Now Miss, let's both get dressed, then we will leave here as if nothing has happened, all any stragglers or pupils emerging from detention will notice is my hangdog look as if you have gone through me for a shortcut and I am now going home to face further reprimand from my Dad ... "

"Yes Mistress" the rising teacher responded noting that she really was dealing with a devious bitch and that any faint hopes of role reversal down the line were fact receding such was the pupils attention to detail.

"Oh and Miss, mention of Dad, I'm planning a really special birthday present for him next month, he has been without a woman too long and I happen to know he is on fetlife too ..

"So maybe you won't have to put up with your new Mistress for too long, maybe it is your new Master who will spank your bottom and keep you on a tight leash, take his pleasure at his whim, wouldn't that be nice Miss?!"

"Yes Mistress"

"Now, look at that, no need for a reminder that you were asked a question that required an answer! Well done Miss, your training is going very well, very well indeed!"

With that teacher and student left the classroom and walked to the front door, the student pretending she had endured a harrowing detention while the teacher tried her best, as ordered, "to look her usual commanding bitchy self"

At the door, they went their separate ways but before doing so the educator was issued with two weekend orders ...

"Don't forget your lines Miss, scan them and send them them to me by 9pm Sunday night for correction, I will send an e-mail address you can use to your fetlife account ....

"Oh and Miss, don't forget to change your fetlife status to 'being considered by AvengingStudent', I can assure you you will be jumping through hoops to earn the 
status slave!"

"Enjoy your weekend Miss!"

"Yes Mistress!"

Friday, 21 October 2016

Black and White

She sat at her desk, took a deep breath, re-read the typed page with a slight shake in her hand ...

There it was in black and white, what she had been waiting for, craving, fantasising about ...

Rules and Regulations!

That was the typed heading on the document she received by e-mail that morning ...

The female is hereby notified of the following rules, rules which remain in place until further notice:

1. She will always be ON TIME for her appointments with Sir, NO EXCUSES!

2. She will, of course, take care to always call him Sir, as in Yes Sir, No Sir and when counting well deserved spanks, thank you Sir!

3. Silky white blouse, with a nice hint of cleavage, and black skirt, above the knee, will stand as the female's uniform.

4. She will be permitted to 'surprise' Sir with her choice of lingerie but should take note that thongs are strictly forbidden (Sir likes to unveil the delights beneath a sexy panties!)

5. The females neck is to remain bare, no jewellery, this is so Sir can place about it himself her 'Necklace of Submission'

6. Learn these rules off by heart, you will, draped over Sir's knee be tested on your knowledge of said rules!

Strangely, she was looking forward to that test!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Turning her into a 'good girl'

Now then young lady, what have we here, hhhmmm ...

Seems to me we have a female who tops from the bottom! Oh yes, she goes down on her knees and worships His manhood but then that is her goal, her Olympic Gold!

And she ordains the age of said manhood! Over 60! Twice her own age. Oh yes indeed it is she who calls the shots!

And yet, and yet she seeks out men, older men, who will take charge, even if, unknown to them in many cases, it is she who is in control!

But what if He really was He Who Must Be Obeyed?! And what if this obedience involved turning her into a 'good girl'?!

A 'good girl' who wouldn't spend her time on her knees with her mouth full as a default setting! A 'good girl' who would have to earn her 'treat' by adhering to His strict rules and regulations!

And if she broke those rules, if she was naughty, finding herself over his knee having her bare bottom spanked!

Even if He doing the spanking was ONLY 56