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Monday, 28 November 2016

English Echo

"One Miss, Thank-you Miss, Please may I have another well deserved spank Miss!"
The repeated mantra rang through the adjoining hotel bedrooms, the pained tones detected in the English accented catechism music to the ears of she wielding the cane.
Touching her toes and wearing naught but her expensive watch the English female had fallen under the Countess' commanding crusade of taking ownership of their relationship ...
She who would be Boss was now the one bent over, counting, thanking and asking nicely for the next bite of bamboo!
Deep down she had longed for just this scenario! Her bossiness and bitchiness was really a cry for a firm hand, and now she'd found it!
The foreign holiday had not turned out the way the way she had expected. But once her female travelling companion started being more assertive, telling her what to do and reprimanding her when she didn't do as she was told as quickly as she who must be obeyed liked the balance of power quickly flowed into Irish hands ...
And now here she was receiving six of the best for not having the bathrooms cleaned and tidied to the satisfaction of the Countess!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Multiple Choice Question

She heard the four words spoken with menace and a frisson of fear and excitement ripped through her body, an instant moistness betraying the sexual vibes she felt at the intensity of his threat.

He had been a kind of Mr Nice Guy, promising spankings for an implied naughtiness she constantly denied, but there was no denying she was a mouthy teenager with attitude!

And now he was calling her on it!

She had agreed to meet him during school dinner time in the nearby West County Hotel, a quick meet in the little coffee shop followed by a trip up the stairs to his room ...

She had agreed to sample one of his spankings, had agreed too to wear her uniform skirt instead of her usual pants so as he and she would get the full fantasy effect of the naughty schoolgirl.

She was looking forward to it but another part of her felt this was way too tame she wanted more, much more ....

On the stairs up, part role-play, part testing his limits, she was cheeky and ageist, asking would she need to call ShannonDoc for him if he wasn't able for her!

"Cheeky brat!" he chided, smiling, but once inside the door his demeanour changed.

He took her by the hair of the head and steered her further into the room, bending her over as they went and landing two hard smacks on her arse, one on each cheek.

"Now then mouth almighty ... " he menaced, applyig two more spanks, "time you learned some manners!'

And with that he threw her unceremoniously over his knee as he sat on the edge of the bed, her face on the duvet, her legs scampering for leverage on the carpet.

The first two spanks had her eyes rolling in her head and as he had warned just that morning, they were stingers, real stingers, and as he had told her that morning too, the realisation there was much more of where those came from had the students eyes popping out of her head!

She had, as she had predicted she would, submitted at the first sign of his authority!

Only now this wasn't 'play', this was him punishing her for her mouthiness! And that realisation made an already moist queendom become a river of excitement!

He landed two scorching spanks on the backs of her exposed thighs, leaving a palm print on each that she would have a job explaining when she returned to St Finnoula's!

"Now then Miss Mouth Almighty, up you get and strip, I want to see you naked and standing with your hands on your head inside 60 seconds!" he ordered

She looked up at him with quizzical eyes, almost afraid to pout in case he would take it out on her already sore rear.

He did anyway!

Lifting her uniform skirt, her pantied bottom was the recipient of six quick roasters!

"When I tell a girl to do something she does so immediately, no questions" and with that he left down her skirt again and said "your time starts now' and threw her onto the floor.

As she picked herself up he studied the second hand of his watch occasionally and then whispered, "Ok, seeming you seem to have a problem with what way to go about this simple order let's give Miss Mouth Almighty some instruction ...

"Remove your jumper, fold it neatly and place it on the desk ... "

She did as she was told.

And so began her orchestrated strip, her blouse and skirt, also folded neatly, going with her jumper on the desk.

He paused a while as she stood in shoes, socks, panties and bra, bid her put her hands on her head, turn around, turn around again.

"Good girl!"

He stood up, moved close up in front of her and taking a scissors from his suit pocket, cut her panties off her.

He looked her in the eye and she tried to hold his gaze but failed to do so, she was a tremor with excitement.

He bid her take her hands from her head and reaching around opened the clasp of her bra, slipped it down her arms and let it join the severed panties on the ground.

"Hands on head!"

He lay down on the bed and watched her standing there naked apart from her school shoes and blue knee socks.

Her nipples were erect, a glistening downstairs proof of her fevered state ...

'Now then Mouth Almighty, whether this will be considered rape or a consensual coupling is up to you .... "

"Go grab your clothes and rush for the door .... "

"Or come over here and lie down beside me, say 'Sir, a naughty girl is ready to be pleasing ... "

"Call it a multiple choice question!"

The Punishment Kiss

Detention by its very nature is boring; students sitting at a desk after school writing out punishment lines or assigned essay with a nasty title such as 'Why teenagers must learn respect for their elders'.

Miss Vaughan though had added a frisson of excitement to the ritual ...

Each student in detention, be they boy or girl, had to toe the line in front of her desk and when Miss Vaughan stood before them and in her stern voice demanded 'Tongue' the uniformed student, boy or girl, had to present their tongue and leave it on display ...

The strict teacher might approach the tongue out student and repeat the order 'Tongue' ...

Now the teenager, boy or girl, had to proffer their tongue into Miss Vaughan's mouth where she would gorge a while on her gift of the Punishment Kiss!

This kiss was often accompanied by a caressing of student bottom!

It was an excited student who took a seat at his or her desk to commence lines or essay.

And it was a disappointed student who sat down if he or she didn't receive the second order of tongue!

The process was repeated on the way out, a Punishment Kiss by way of thanksgiving ahead of hearing their homework Punishment Assignment ...

"100 lines 'I shall be better prepared for Miss Vaughan's class in future', to be on my desk first thing in the morning"

Before a single line was written most of the detained students upon arrival home had pleasured themselves to the memory of their Punishment Kiss!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Que Sera, Sera

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, "what's a spankee?
Will I be one too, will it hurt much?"
Here's what she said to me

"Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be
Your future is over a man's knee, Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be"

When I grew up, and fell in love
I asked my Sir , "What lies ahead?
Will we have spankings, day after day?"
Here's what my disciplinarian said

"Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be
Your future is over my knee, Que Sera, Sera

What will be, will be

The Chosen One

She stood in her Naughty Corner, waiting ...

Waiting for Sir to decide ...

The other three corners of the Punishment Room was also occupied by a female clad in just her bra and panties, hands on head, nose to the wall.

One of them would be summonsed to Sir's Study for Correction and (rumour had it) then to Sir's Bedroom for Cuddling!

Oh how she longed to to be the Chosen One!

Obsessing on the bus ...

She was lucky to get a seat on the bus into town but you couldn't say she was sitting comfortably!

Sir's early morning missals, despite the fact that she has pleasured herself twice the night before, left her aroused again, aroused an without time to tend to the fires below!

Her head too was ablaze, ablaze with thoughts of spanking, of orgasm! She had just boarded the bus, taken one of the bucket seats when a man got on and stood close by, holding on to the rail. All Deirdre could see was the black leather belt that held up his jeans! Even though she had felt the belt was a step too far, she now wondered what the belt, doubled over, would feel like on her arse!

She shook her head, no, determined to change the subject spinning round in her head but that inner voice was having none of her vanilla nonsense! At the next stop a man in a pin-stripe suit got on, black shoes immaculately shined! All Deirdre could think of was Sir's reference to his Dean of Discipline suit which he put on for special spankings! 

And she remembered too his reference to a maid one of whose chores would be to do such good job of polishing his shoes that she would need sunglasses to look at the completed job!

Now she looked at the shoes beneath the suit and imagined herself on her knees polishing them to perfection!

What had this man done to her?! It was bad enough before this but now, now she was obsessed beyond belief!

Office Etiquette (with a sting in the tale!)

Office etiquette extended ...

"My office NOW young lady ...!"

She heard that familiar order and fear mingled with excitement as she watched the suited middle aged male walk past her desk and into his inner sanctuary though it was never a safe sanctuary for the females who were summonsed to Mr Burns office.

She immediately stood and heeled him to her doom ...

Barely was she over the threshold when she was surprised to find that already toeing the red line in front of He Who Must Be Obeyed's Desk was another woman, a woman in the familiar stance of hands on her head, jeans around her ankles, regulation pink panties covering a yet to be spanked bottom ...

"Join your colleague-in-crime toeing the line and assume the position" he ordered sitting down behind his desk, tapping the fingers of his hands together and he watched his orders carried out ....

She opened the belt of her jeans, prized free the button, lowered the blue denin, unveiling the regulation pink panties, straightened up and placed her hands atop her head.

"Eyes in front!" he commanded.

She did as she was told and like the woman beside her focussed on the framed script on the wall ...

"Beware all you who enter here, you will leave with reddened rear!"

"Now then young ladies, punctuality is a prized value in this company but this morning not just was one of my employees late but the two of ye saw fit to swan in late, one 22 seconds after 9am, the other 34, disgraceful tardiness ..."

The employees had long learned that 9am meant 9am, not a second before, not a second after, 9am on the dot! Or else!

Normally the 'or else' was carried out one at a time so both females were a little discomfited by the fact that they were both here, jeans down, pink panties on display, hands on head.

"I have reason to believe that office rivalry has led to accusations of favouritism and that one of you feel that other is not dealt with as severely as the other ... "

"So I have come up with a solution, you will both spank each other!"

The females took their eyes off the frame, looked at Mr Burns in astonishment, then eyed each other in disbelief!"

"Eyes in front!" he barked, to instant obedience.

"Lady Donegal, come bend over the desk ..."

She did as she was told...

Through her hair she looked into his eyes and he took her two wrists in his hands ....

"Now then Monica, go fetch the spanking strap from the back of the door and stand to Lady Donegal's left ... "

Monica did Sir's bidding ...

"22 seconds late equals 22 strokes, you may commence ... "

"And Monica if I feel you are taking it too easy on any stroke, the number of said strokes will be revealed by me at the end of the punishment and that number multiplied by two will be added to your own punishment! Comprende?!"

"Yes Sir!"

Stinging & Longing

Stinging & Longing
Palm prints on her glorious globes
Oft depict tales of spanking woes
Yet oft times too this sensual stinging

Leaves the female moist with longing!

Poised Sighs

Poised Sighs
Draped o'er his knee, bottom poised
She greets his gentle caresses with contented sighs
And yet she knows she this serenity will not last

As soon his punishing palm will her buttocks lash!

Flannan's Flogger

She awoke with a start, immediately went to nurse her roasted rear! But it was icy cold

She looked down and where she expected to see fiery stripes there was a blank canvas.

Alas, she moaned, it was but a dream; but what a vivid dream!

She had skipped last class the day before and tipped into town, joined up with a few of her friends shooting the breeze and under cover of darkness headed for home, alone.

Then, out of the shadows, he appeared, the Flannan's Flogger, declaring himself such when he twisted her arm into her back with one hand and placed his other hand over her mouth after placing a rolled up handkerchief in it.

He frog-marched her into her school grounds, scolding as they went along ...

"How dare you disgrace the St Flannan's uniform by cavorting in town, then putting yourself in danger by going home alone .... you'd never know who you'd meet!"

Recovered from the initial shock, she started to fight for her freedom but he was too strong.

"Fear not young lady, you will not be raped, in fact my intention is to save you from such possibility by teaching you a lesson you won't forget in a hurry" and with that he shoved her up against a tree.

Releasing her hand from behind her back and taking her free hand into custody as well he quickly handcuffed them together and dangled the handcuffs over a mid-high branch so as the student was on her tippy-toes.

As she was endeavouring to free the handkerchief to roar for help, he simply produced a strip of masking tape and taped it over her mouth!

What a pretty sight she painted, her bottom, her soon to be flogged bottom, nicely displayed in her uniform pants ...

"Now then young lady I knew when they let girls into St Flannan's it would bring nothing only trouble. Years ago when boys started here trouble was dealt with by a dose of corporal punishment. Alas no such strictures pertain now ... "

And as he spoke he caressed her proffered bottom ...

"However one female student is going to taste the flogger ... "

And with that he removed from his satchel a brown-tan London Tanner flogger ...

Soon the night air rang out with leather on cotton bottom and muffled female cries.

It was then she woke up!

Time to go to school!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Babysitter Blues {or Red Regrets!}

"Christ almighty I'm 40 years old, I don't need a fecking babysitter!" the Ciara exclaimed, the venom in her voice leaving her husband under no illusion as to just how angry she was at him having arranged for her sister-in-law to stay in their house while he was away.

"I know dear, but .... " her husband began to frame his reply when he was interrupted

"The only butt that matters around here just now is that attached to the woman who thinks swearing like a trooper and stamping her foot will get her her own way!" declares Ciara's sister-in-law, taking her by the wrist and steering her over towards the couch.

She with the hold of the wrist being a former rugby international, the tossing of wrist owner over her knee was done with the ease of a dancer and she wasted no time in warming the wrist owners denim with speedy well directed spanks, taking care to make sure a few landed on the backs of the prone woman's thighs.

"This ass is mine for the next two weeks and don't you forget it!" informed her sister-in-law every syllable accompanied by a stinging spank!

The shocked Ciara, normally so vocal, was unable to do anything but lie there and take it!
"Cat got your tongue Missy!?" asked the sister-in-law now caressing the denim as the spanked females husband looked on with a combination of jealously and pity?

Jealous it wasn't his knees the spanked female was over, jealous it wasn't his palm was now caressing the heated denim.

Pity for his wife having to endure this pain, pity for himself that he couldn't bring himself to inflict this pain!

"Speaking of tongue and your use of it to curse and swear we will be washing it out with soap before your corner-time ahead of early bed-time" informed the sister-in-law as if she was addressing a naughty child.

It was going to be a long two weeks.