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Monday, 28 November 2016

English Echo

"One Miss, Thank-you Miss, Please may I have another well deserved spank Miss!"
The repeated mantra rang through the adjoining hotel bedrooms, the pained tones detected in the English accented catechism music to the ears of she wielding the cane.
Touching her toes and wearing naught but her expensive watch the English female had fallen under the Countess' commanding crusade of taking ownership of their relationship ...
She who would be Boss was now the one bent over, counting, thanking and asking nicely for the next bite of bamboo!
Deep down she had longed for just this scenario! Her bossiness and bitchiness was really a cry for a firm hand, and now she'd found it!
The foreign holiday had not turned out the way the way she had expected. But once her female travelling companion started being more assertive, telling her what to do and reprimanding her when she didn't do as she was told as quickly as she who must be obeyed liked the balance of power quickly flowed into Irish hands ...
And now here she was receiving six of the best for not having the bathrooms cleaned and tidied to the satisfaction of the Countess!