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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Punishment Kiss

Detention by its very nature is boring; students sitting at a desk after school writing out punishment lines or assigned essay with a nasty title such as 'Why teenagers must learn respect for their elders'.

Miss Vaughan though had added a frisson of excitement to the ritual ...

Each student in detention, be they boy or girl, had to toe the line in front of her desk and when Miss Vaughan stood before them and in her stern voice demanded 'Tongue' the uniformed student, boy or girl, had to present their tongue and leave it on display ...

The strict teacher might approach the tongue out student and repeat the order 'Tongue' ...

Now the teenager, boy or girl, had to proffer their tongue into Miss Vaughan's mouth where she would gorge a while on her gift of the Punishment Kiss!

This kiss was often accompanied by a caressing of student bottom!

It was an excited student who took a seat at his or her desk to commence lines or essay.

And it was a disappointed student who sat down if he or she didn't receive the second order of tongue!

The process was repeated on the way out, a Punishment Kiss by way of thanksgiving ahead of hearing their homework Punishment Assignment ...

"100 lines 'I shall be better prepared for Miss Vaughan's class in future', to be on my desk first thing in the morning"

Before a single line was written most of the detained students upon arrival home had pleasured themselves to the memory of their Punishment Kiss!