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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Imagination Instruction

The American abroad was single and free, free as a bird, able to do what she pleased when she pleased with whomever she pleased; until she met Him!

And even though she hadn't actually met him in the flesh yet she was assuredly as under his thumb as if she was kneeling before him kissing and tonguing the said thumb, the symbol of His male supremacy!

How she loved to now have to answer to her Sir! The mere typing of the word Sir gave her a frisson of excitement! And she was careful at all times to provide that important word of respect with a Capital S!

She had admitted to herself, and Him, that her American ass craved a firm male hand!

Now, this Friday morning, He was going to take her a further step into submission ....

She was to lay aside 30 minutes and go to her bedroom, a bedroom which better have had the bed made to perfection, the space around neat and tidy too!

She was to undress to her bra and panties and go stand in the corner, facing the wall .... her Time-Out Corner!

She was to fold her hands behind her back! And contemplate this past week, think about the disciplinary distress and delights of which He had spoken, pause too on the lure of His carrot-and-stick modus operandi!

Then she was to lower her right hand, keeping her left hand at her back, she was to lower her right hand and caress her as yet unspanked virgin white right buttock!

She was to imagine His hand doing the caressing and after a while smoothing down the fabric she was to slip her hand inside ...

Again she was to imagine it was his hand!

Then she was to return to smoothing the fabric of her female lingerie as she recalls the last time she orgasmed without His permission!

She is to whisper "I am a naughty girl!" and spank her own bottom! But of course imagine it is His hand!

She is to give herself a brisk six of the best! Repeating her True Confession each time!

Both hands again folded at her back she can take a wee break before repeating the exercise with her left hand!

Again she is to return both hands to her back, remain facing the wall ....

Sir will be along shortly to inspect her handiwork ...

Freudian Slip

She once made a freudian slip
When announcing she needed an 'overseas trip'
You see her hard of hearing hubbie
{Who knew she was a subbie}
Thought she said she needed 'an over knee trip'

"Indeed you do!" he exclaimed with intent 
As over his lap his wife he bent
This wasn't Paris, New York or Spain

But Oh My God, what glorious pain!

A stroll down Stephen's Green

Dublin can be heaven with coffee at eleven
And a stroll down Stephen's Green ...

Be it strolling Grafton Street and Stephen's Green or a ramble through fetlife he has an automatic check list for which his antenna are always on full alert?!

Faces! An attractive face, a cross-face, a sad face, a happy face, the various shapes of nose, design of lip, depth of eye, and all beneath or beside  myriad styles of hair, long, short, pony-tailed, cropped, all so alluring.

The female bottom in all its various shapely glories fascinates him, always has, always will! On Dublin streets these callipygian curves are wrapped in denim, tight pants, yoga pants too, sculpted skirts and clinging dresses, lovely! 

On fetlife the buttocks are more in your face, so to speak, scantily pantied or completely bare. Nice too, but takes away a little from the thrill of the chase!

Cleavage! Glorious glorious cleavage! From his long lost days as a small boy that little line peeping out of female blouse defining the delights within has enthralled him! A breast boy was born! And still lives!

Above those breasts his antenna home in on the female neck, another beauty spot, a beauty spot he loves to see decorated with jewellery ... 

Because in his minds eye that ornate necklace is not just a pretty bauble but a deep meaning 'Necklace of Submission, her collar! 

And in his minds eye too he pictures those females with bared necks having their 'Necklace of Submission' clipped upon them during an initiation ceremony which also involves a once free female having her bottom spanked!

Oh yes a stroll down Stephen's Green is now a very sexual experience!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

"Do as you are told young lady"

"Do as you are told young lady" were the words stern she heard
Words that prompted the 21 year-old to rush to her bed
"What did Sir say? On the middle of the bed two pillows piled high
Then over them the naughty girl will lie!"
"Yes, you've been naughty, didn't do what you were told
And Sir has a cure for girls who decide to be bold!
So lift up your nightie, then pull down your pants
Upon your bared bottom Sir's belt it will dance!"