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Thursday, 8 December 2016

A stroll down Stephen's Green

Dublin can be heaven with coffee at eleven
And a stroll down Stephen's Green ...

Be it strolling Grafton Street and Stephen's Green or a ramble through fetlife he has an automatic check list for which his antenna are always on full alert?!

Faces! An attractive face, a cross-face, a sad face, a happy face, the various shapes of nose, design of lip, depth of eye, and all beneath or beside  myriad styles of hair, long, short, pony-tailed, cropped, all so alluring.

The female bottom in all its various shapely glories fascinates him, always has, always will! On Dublin streets these callipygian curves are wrapped in denim, tight pants, yoga pants too, sculpted skirts and clinging dresses, lovely! 

On fetlife the buttocks are more in your face, so to speak, scantily pantied or completely bare. Nice too, but takes away a little from the thrill of the chase!

Cleavage! Glorious glorious cleavage! From his long lost days as a small boy that little line peeping out of female blouse defining the delights within has enthralled him! A breast boy was born! And still lives!

Above those breasts his antenna home in on the female neck, another beauty spot, a beauty spot he loves to see decorated with jewellery ... 

Because in his minds eye that ornate necklace is not just a pretty bauble but a deep meaning 'Necklace of Submission, her collar! 

And in his minds eye too he pictures those females with bared necks having their 'Necklace of Submission' clipped upon them during an initiation ceremony which also involves a once free female having her bottom spanked!

Oh yes a stroll down Stephen's Green is now a very sexual experience!