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Monday, 23 October 2017

Running to be free ...

She was out for her regular run, a long one scheduled tonight and lucky too, she had a lot of thinking to do!

Normally, on these runs, especially these long runs, she entered the 'zone' where the rhythm of the run and the rhythm of the mind are in perfect harmony, at that stage it's not effort, it's elation!

She got there tonight too but it took a little longer, took a little longer because she had school uniforms on her mind, and spankings and even though she was 32 it was her in that school uniform and it was her being spanked! No wonder the rhythm was a while in coming!

Yes, yes I brought some of it on myself, I joined fetlife to tease out my kinks, see what I was an wasn't into, I had certain ideas, but, gosh, role play and school uniforms weren't even in the neighbourhood of what I was thinking! Ok, ok, spanking might have got a look in occasionally when I was addressing myself to my pleasures but as a woman, all woman and truth to tell I wouldn't be adverse to administering I spanking myself! I think!

Alright, round the next bend and it's goodbye kink, hello road, hello rhythm ...

"Come on, come on, more effort, get those legs pumping or I'll take my crop to your flanks!" she heard a voice in her head saying, the same voice who accompanied her at the mirror earlier when she tried on her school uni ... no, no, get thee gone, this is my run!

It's not your run anymore!" the voice said, "I have appointed myself your Personal Trainer and we are going to get your times down, or if they don't come down your shorts will be for a damn good motivational spanking!"

She shot her head, tried to rid herself of the thoughts but Christ she was half-enjoying them! Half enjoying? Who was she kidding! She was virtually moist at the thought of a 'motivational spanking'!

"By the by your glorious ass looks devine in those shorts" said the voice, "but think you should, similar to the school uniform, wear sports socks that comes up to the knees, that way your rippling thighs are shown off to even better effect!"

Her rippling front thighs were moving nicely now as she imagined having to cover the last 5k in record time if she was to avoid his spanking ....

Just then a flick of the crop scorched her right buttock as the Scottish filly raced toward the finish line, elation in every stride!!!!