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The Disciplining of a Third Level Student



Fetlife 'Love'!

They began communicating after she loved two of his pictures on fetlife, both loves underlining her submissive status given that both images depicted naughty females and written punishment lines!

He was a 52 year-old Disciplinarian, she a 22 year-old student in a neighbouring town who confessed to harbouring spanking fantasies as well as needing a 'firm hand' in real life ...

Fetlife communication soon morphed into personal e-mails and some Long Distance Discipline before an actual Disciplinary session was scheduled to deal with her weight issues due to laziness and her smoking habit

However before the session took place the young student's impatience saw her throw an on-line e-mail temper tantrum that was soon quelled when Mr Burns aka Sir declared that this impatience would be dealt with and dealt with severely!

Indeed he e-mailed her detailed information as to her fate and what would be expected of her! It lent a huge air of anticipation to her first ...


The morning's e-mail, designed to heighten the tension just as she boarded the train, stated 'D-day has dawned! Discipline Day!'

Sir met her at the station and having a tendency to trust first impressions was within seconds happy that the day would go well, she was reasonably relaxed given the occasion and chatted amiably as they walked the six or seven minutes to his small apartment.

She had messaged the night before as to whether she could smoke a cigarette when she got to the station. He had told her to bring her weeds but that they would be confiscated for the duration of her stay in Sir's abode. Re her request he told to ask permission again when she got to the station!

She didn't ask immediately and being the nice kind man he is (!) Mr Burns asked her did she want to smoke 'that one fag' .. Their eyes met as she whispered 'Can I?' and in that moment he knew he was dealing with a genuine sub!

He stopped by the corner-shop to get her a bottle of water, milk for the tea and chocolate chip cookies! As he went inside the shop she was invited to make her safety text to assure that things were ok ...

The water and cookies were also part of his mind games as the 'better get you some cold water' suggested her already dry nervous mouth might be drier and the 'cookies are only for good girls' immediately brought a little stick-and-carrot into vanilla conversation!

Into the apartment they went where she was offered a seat on the couch. He made her a cup of tea but insisted the cookies were 'for later', 'for good girls'!

As she drank the tea and chatted in general he found her to be bright and articulate and parts of the conversation, without her even trying to impress, proved she was a woman of very good nature and a woman with a bit of steel especially when it came to protecting and looking out for her younger brother

Eventually he asked was her tea finished and after a nervous nod of the head he took the cup from her hand and deposited it in the sink in the nearby kitchen. Returning to the room Sir said ....

'Now then young lady .... "


"Now then young lady," heard the student on the couch and her beautiful face gave a little grimace as if she had been actually spanked!

"Stand up, face the door, hands on your head, this will serve as your naughty corner".

The door between the kitchen and sitting room is centre of two small rooms and sited right in front of the sitting room window ensuring there was 'spotlight' on talent as she stood there!

"You will remain there, without a word, without moving while Sir changes into his Dean of Discipline suit!"

She nodded the head!

"Without moving!"

She stood still!

The couch is barely a step from where she stood, the wardrobe that housed the suit just beside the couch .... Sir changed right behind her all the time scolding ...

"Look what we have here. a 22 year-old Third Level College student standing in the naughty corner awaiting punishment!"

"How many 22 year old college students do you think are standing on a naughty step prior to a bottom warming?!"

"Three year olds are put on the naughty step, maybe we'll get Ms O'Dwyer a little naughty stool?"

She had babysat a friends three year old the previous day, a very spoilt, bold three year old by the sounds of it ... now she was being compared to a naughty three year old!

"Look, what a good girl, not moving a muscle, and yet the same female last night stated not shuffling during corner-time would be impossible! Nothing is impossible with the proper motivation!'"

She had been told by e-mail that extra punishment would be administered for any misbehavior during corner-time, eg excessive shuffling, uttering a single word, turning her head!

As Sir dressed he continued the tongue-lashing constantly reminding her of her age, status and the position she found herself in!

"Spell discipline," Sir ordered.

There was silence!

He walked up close behind her, whispered loudly into her ear "I said spell discipline!''

"D-i-s-c-i-p-l-i-n-e" she replied, hestitantly at first, but warming up with each passing letter!



"Good girl, now all together spell and speak the word"

"D-i-s-c-i-p-l-i-n-e, Discipline."

"Good girl, yes indeed, discipline, a lovely word and something third level students lack but not this third level student, this 22 year-old third level student is about to learn the real meaning of the word discipline."

Sir sat on his 'Seat of Learning' , a swivel-chair made of wood, which was just a step-and-bit from the penitent facing the door ...

That's the beauty of a small flat!

"Turn around"

She turned around. Got her first vision of the blue suit, the blue-white shirt, the maroon tie! Big change from yellow tee-shirt, casual grey jeans, the baseball cap he wore at the station!

Sir looked at her, taking in her torn blue jeans, pink sneakers, torguise top over a black top, both of which allowed for ample cleavage and a necklace that dangled nicely just above the glorious divide

He had noticed all this before but now he was making it obvious to her that he was taking in every fibre of her being!


He nodded to his right hand side, she went and stood there ...

He waited a few seconds and nodded again, a nod accompanied by "an over you go" said in the same voice as you say hello to a passer by on the street, as if it was an everyday occurence!

This was designed to disarm a little, making the big move of going over a man's knee for the first time seem as if it was normal yet both participants knowing it was far from normal!

"I know this is a silly question considering your position but are you comfortable?"

"Yeah" came from beneath the long locks of hair!

"Pardon," accompanied by a resounding spank across the right buttock!

"Yes Sir!"

"That's better, good girl!"

"Now what did we agree to as your punishment for Little Miss Impatient's petulance?"

"12 on the jeans".

"12 on the jeans, yes and ... "

"12 on the jeans and I must count each one".

"Yes indeed, then .... "

My left hand rested on her back as if we were making small talk, my right hand continued to caress her curvaceous ass ...

"12 on the p ... underwear".

"12 on the underwear, yes indeed and ... "

"12 on the underwear in complete silence!"

"Good girl, yes indeed, 12 on the underwear, 12 on the panties while the penitent remains absolutely silent! And then ... "

Whispered: "12 on the bare".


Louder: "12 on the bare!'"

"Yes indeed 12 on the bare and .... "

"12 on the bare and I must count and thank then ask for another one .."

"Speak more clearly, what exactly is the cathechism you were sent ... "

"I must count 'one Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another spank'"

"No," a brisk smack on the butt, "Try again!"

"One Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another well deserved spank?"

"Exactly, good girl".

"One more time ... "

"One Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another well deserved spank?"

"Very good ... we shall commence ... "

As Sirs right hand descended on her right buttock, then left, she counted 'one', 'two', she hadn't be told to say Sir for these as Mr Burns likes to lay on the layers of discipline slowly but surely, increasing the amount of submission required at each passing stage!

He could sense from the first two spanks and her more comfortable counting of 'three' and 'four' that she had build herself up to absorbing real whoppers and sort of relaxed into thinking 'this is not going to be as bad as I imagined!'

So the next two carried a sting in the tale! Now she wasn't sure what to expect!

"Half way there" Sir gleefully informed, "half way through phase one!"

"Yes Sir," came a whisper from beneath the locks of hair!

'Seven', 'Eight' were medium, then Sir caressed the denim ...

"Little Miss Impatient, look where her impatience got her! Over Sir's knee having her naughty bottom spanked!"

"Oh other 22 year old third level college students are lazing at home in bed, or down town with their friends, or heading to the beach to flirt with the boys but where's Ms O'Dwyer? Where? Hhhhhm .... Over Sir's knee getting her naughty bottom spanked".

Nine, ten, eleven and twelve landed on alternate buttocks with varying levels of power, one slow, two fast-in-succession, one slow but very hard! The count decibels rose and fell with the spank!

'Stand up!'

She arose with surprising ease for a big girl but her face was a picture!


A little flushed, she looked Mr Burns in the eye but her lips had the hint of a grimace, which might have had as much to do with the imminent lowering of her jeans as it had with the sting in her butt!

"Take down your jeans."

She did as she was told, slowly, betimes looking Sir in his watchful eye, betimes looking anywhere but ....

When the jeans were in a pool around her sneakers her eyes again found his!

A nod of the head, no words and she went across my knee again!

Sir smoothed down the black patterened panties and felt the redness creeping out from under each leg

She had been savvy enough in the early communication to realise without being told she would not be allowed wear a thong!

However in her clothing report she had designated white bra and panties but messaged the night before that there was a change of plan, due to the original being in the wash

During her original corner-time scolding Sir had alluded to the panties being in the wash and that this simply wasn't good enough and asked her who did the washing?

"I do" she said very quickly and in an almost fearful voice as she knew she would get a spank if she said her mother!

So now when she was over his knee, panties on display he kept smoothing it, feeling the edge ...

"This is as good a time as any to address the issue of the wrong lingerie," and with that he landed two stinging spanks to the back of each thigh, as in one on each thigh! The hand print shone brightly immediately!

Her body language spoke of a little shock at this surprise addition but she didn't have long to analyse it!

"Now complete silence while we spank a naughty impatient girl who is wearing the wrong panties".

She remained silent for all twelve, which as the spanking on the jeans had left lower down well red were addressed a little higher up, all landing on the panties itself for emphasis of the crime!

"Think they can do what they damn well please, these college students, do what they damn well please and answer to no one! But not this college student! Oh no, she can't so much as smirk crooked but she has to answer to Sir!"

And so it went, spanking and scolding until the dozen were dusted without a word or a whimper from beneath the hair!

"Remind me what's the next phase."

Whispered: "On the bare!' "

"Yes indeed on the bare".

"But before that up you get, go stand in your 'corner', your new spiritual home".

She didn't get up quite as sprightly this time but in her rush to conform stood at the door at an angle, hands on heads ..

Sir got up from his chair and straightened her up!

Then he sat down again to admire his handiwork!

"22 years old, final year student, standing in her naughty corner, displaying a spanked bottom!"

"And more to come, on the bare"

She stood silently, not a word, not a shuffle!


As she stood facing the door, hands clasped tighter on her head than previously, her spanked pantie clad bottom on display, Sir surmised that this unexpected delay before the 12 on the bare was playing hard on her nerves!

He didn't help those jangled nerves any by continuing to emphasize that there she stood a 22 year old student waiting to have her panties taken down for a deserved smack-bottom!

She stood silent, her jeans in a pool around her ankles, her recently spanked bottom on display, a glorious redness peeking out from the fringes her panties ....

This unexpected (for her!) delay in arriving to the promised third tier of her punishment for impatience ratcheted up the tension for Ms O'D who didn't stand quite as still as her previous corner-time although she did her level best not to draw any further attention to herself by shuffling!

"So what have we hear, hmmm? Lady Impatient waiting patiently to have her knickers taken down and her bare bottom spanked! Waiting until Sir is good and ready to return the 22 year Third Level Student back over his knee for a well deserved bottom roasting! Not so impatient now are we young lady?"

Whispered: "No Sir".


Louder: "No Sir".

"No we are not, we are standing patiently like a good little girl awaiting punishment ..."

Sir stands up and stands right behind the penitent, his breath on the back of her head ...

"Spell patience" he orders as he smooths her panties the same as if he was only wiping his own brow!


"Good girl!"

"Spells .... ?"


"Yes indeed, now one more time ..."


"Spells?" ask Sir as he sits back down on the Seat of Learning


"Yes indeed, patience and Ms O'Dwyer must learn patience, mustn't she?"

"Yes Sir"

"Turn around"

Her face was a picture! Not so much a pout as a chastised child, but a chastised child whose emotions were in a little turmoil, the smack-bottom already hurting more than she expected a hand-spanking could and the constant scolding and spelling reminding her again and again of her status and why she was being punished ....

And there was more to come! Little did she know how much more!

Sir nodded to her to stand to his right. She did as she was told! Sir nodded for her to return over his knee! She did as she was told!

He again smoothed her panties, caressed her bottom!

His silence now after the barrage of scolding left her with nearly too much time to think of her position!

"Now then young lady .... "

He let the words linger for a few seconds as she lay there surprisingly still given her uncomfortable enough position, her hands doing an excellent anchoring job ...

One suspects she was trying very hard to be still, she didn't want the backs of her thighs paying for any unpermitted movement!

"Now then young lady ... you know Sir's mantra, no spanking is complete without the penitents panties been taken down and her bare bottom reddened .... "

And with that the said panties were slowly lowered to the backs of her thighs!

A little whimper came from beneath the locks of hair!

"Ah nice and red," declared Sir caressing the freshly bared globes. "But not as red as they are going to be .... "

"What a lovely bottom, what a pity it's attached to such a bold, bold girl!"

Her lower bottom was well red, her sit spot too had a pinkening but the bottom higher up was in need of 'painting' ...

"Remind me what the young lady's cathechism is for thid part of her spanking?"

"Count the number, thank Sir, ask for another spank," she whispers.

"Give me an example?", all the time gently caressing her bottom!

"One Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another spank!"

"Incorrect!" declares Sir with a hint of feigned anger in his voice.

The 'in' and the 'correct' were accompanied by two stinging spanks to the backs of her thighs, one on each!

"Another well deserved spank Sir" he informs.

"Yes Sir, Sorry Sir".

"Let me hear the proper sentence ... "

"One Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another well deserved spank!"

"Good girl"

"Let's commence .... "

Sir landed a scorcher high up enough on her left buttock!

A 'One Sir, thank-you Sir, please may I have another well deserved spank Sir!' came rushing from her lips ...

The other buttock was the recipient of another scorcher to the accompaniment of another speedy recitation of her cathechism ...

"No need to be in such a rush young lady, we have all day, speak more slowly, clearer".

Barely had she time to absorb the new information when her left buttock was again set on fire ....

With visible or audible effort she slowed down her words as Sir caressed her bottom awaiting an improved rendition!

"Good girl, that's better!"

And so it went, spanking, counting, thanking, asking!

One one occasion he accompanied a spank with "Ask and you shall receive!"

On another occasion he commented "As I say, ask and you shall receive, and you ask so nicely" before delivering a stinger to her sit spot!

Nearing the end ...

"12 Sir, Thank-you Sir, please may I have another well deserved spank Sir?"

'Oh so Ms O'Dwyer is not satisfied with the designated 12, she wants more?" queried Sir a hint of amusement in his voice

She shook her head No ...


"No Sir!"

"Very well we'll leave it at that," tapping her bottom as it was an everyday occurence!

"Up you get, turn to your right as you rise and get yourself into your naughty corner!"

She rose gingerly enough, turning to the right to preserve her modesty and automatically putting her hands on her head without being told! Training!


She took a small quizzical look over her shoulder but quickly looked forward again!

She knelt and did so surprisingly gracefully!

"Hands behind your back!"

She did as she was told!

"Fold them in your back" Sir instructed, "like this" giving her permission to view his demonstration. She did as she was told!

Sir sat on the couch giving him a side view of the well spanked penitent ..

Her bottom was a glorious red and her submissive position too was a joy to watch especially as he knew it inched her deeper and deeper into the very submissiveness she craved ...

"Two minutes young lady, two minutes to contemplate the futility of impatience, the first minute during which when requested you will spell the words 'discipline', 'obedience'. 'punishment', the second minute in complete silence, yours and mine!"

And so the spelling test took place, the minutes silence was observed!

She was kneeling in her 'corner' after her initial three tier spanking ...

"Stand up, return your hands atop your head!"

She did as she was told!

"Pull up your panties".

She did as she was told, being gentle with the garment for some reason!

Sir left her stand there as he prepared the next phase of her introduction to a life where 'actions have consequences ... '

As she stood facing the door, not daring to look right or left Sir placed two pillows in the middle of the bed to her left remaining silent as he did so, letting his movements keep her thinking ....

"Now then young lady" - that phrase again, a phrase she will always associate with the commencement of a phase of punishment! -

"Place yourself over the pillows on the bed!"

She had that quizzical look again but the quizzical was peeping out through the chastised look that radiated from her beautiful features ...

She shuffled, her jeans cuffing her ankles, the two and a bit steps to the bed and went over the pillows ....

"Not high enough," mused Sir out loud and picking up a third pillow ordered her to "lift up!"

As she did so he placed the third pillow underneath her belly, hoisting her arse up nicely!

Her face sunk into the mattress wondering what was coming next! She only knew about the 12 x 3 and those hurt, hurt a lot!

"You may need this," Sir informed leaving her bottle of water on the bedside locker. She looked but then put her face back down

"Now then young lady in a few moments we will deal with your laizze-faire attitude to train time arrivals ... Sir could consult the internet and know that the train in was due at 11.11 yet you just 'guessed' a 11; what if Sir had to leave work early or if he had some other appointment that he cut short to be on the platform on time to 'greet' his student."

She reached for the water! Took a sip! Put her head back down!

"11:11, clear as day yet she 'guessed' a 11 and even when Sir messaged 11:11 in response to her 'I will be a bit late' you insisted it wouldn't be as late as that!

"So Ms O'Dwyer you will learn that punctuality and proper planning are very important in your dealings with Sir and you should have known that the train arrival time was 11:11 ... so we will give you a nice gentle introduction to .... look up ..."

Sir was unlooping the belt from his trousers ....

Her head went straight back down, her body gave a little involuntary wiggle!

"Now then my dear, how many do you think, hhmm, any idea?"

She nodded her head no!

"Well let's see, how many minutes incorrect was your messaged ETA?"

She looked up, "11"



"11 what young lady?"

"11 Sir".

"Yes indeed, 11, they won't be hard but they'll carry a message and let you sample Sir's belt".

"You may remain silent".

The first one landed right across the sit spots of both buttocks. As did the second, third and fourth!

"You will find that Sir's hurling wrist allows him not only power but accuracy and he can land that belt on the one spot time after time after time ... "

The time after time after time was accompanied by the belt landing on the one spot higher up her bottom!

Oh this was great fun! Sir picked another spot and completed three in a row there!

"The young lady will check the time-table the next time, yes?!"

"Yes Sir!" from the mattress!

"Yes Sir" and he landed one last stripe on her sit spots!

"Now lie there young lady your well spanked bottom hoisted in the air, on display, and contemplate the importance of proper organisation".

For the fourth time that afternoon the 22 year old College student stood facing the door on her 'naughty step', fast becoming her spiritual home!

She had been bid get up from the bed and return to 'her corner'

She did so with a hint of reluctance - not because she didn't want to but because she found her location on the bed, humiliating though it might have been, strangely comforting!

But return to the corner she did as Sir prepared yet another phase to her initiation ..... !

When she was released from her fourth brief corner-time with the words "turn around" she turned to see Sir standing beside the Seat of Learning, the chairs swivel turned so as it faced her not the desk

On the chair were her packet of cigarettes confiscated when she walked in the Nest door!

Beside it Sir placed a wooden back hairbrush with the name Elizabeth ornately printed on it ...

"See that brush!? That once belonged to a female who used to smoke 20 weeds a day! She no longer smokes! How do you think that was achieved?"

Still with her hands on her head she looked down at the seat of learning and whispered "she was spanked with hairbrush?"


"She was provided with 'motivation' to cease her dirty habit and Ms O'Dwyer is about to be provided with similar motivation ... "

"Swivel the chair round and bend over it's back .... "

She did as she was told and faster than I would have expected!

Sir picked up the hairbrush, smoothed down her panties with his hand!

"Just six, the good old fashioned six of the best," he announced!

He turned the cigarette box over.

"Read the warning!"

"Smoking damages yours and other peoples health".

Sir repeated the words for emphasis adding "and yet you persist in smoking".

And landed a brisk stroke on her right buttock?

"How much?" he asked pointing to the pack of cigarettes with the brush that had just scorched her bum!


"8.85?!' A tenner a go you could say and you on a student grant!"

"That first stroke also damaged your health by way of warning for the official six ..."

"You will read the warning six times and six times Sir will damage your bottoms health!"

He did!

The 22 year old student was released from being bent over the 'Seat of Learning' only to be bid bend instead over the accompanying office desk, place her hands flat either side of the brown London Tanner paddle placed there

Sir lets her acquaint herself with the fearsome looking disciplinary tool, then removes it from in front of her eyes and leaves the tanner paddle on the broad of her back.

"Now then young lady what was the last item on our agenda?!"

"My weight issues Sir!"

"Your weight issues! Indeed! and how much is the lazy female overweight?!"

"Two or three stone Sir".

"Two OR three stone, there is a big difference!"

"Two stone Sir".

"Whether or which from this second on you are on a weight loss programme; You will be weighed in your street clothes before you depart and on each subsequent visit you will be expected to have lost two pounds, do I make myself clear young lady?"

"Yes Sir".

"Two pounds a week, not all that difficult and failure to do so will result in two hard strokes of the London Tanner! Understand?

"Yes Sir."

"We will administer two now by way of motivation and deterrent, motivation to shed weight as the pain should serve as a deterrent to your bottom ever 'entertaining' the Tanner again!"

The two strokes were brisk and carried a sting though he and she both knew the level of force was not what it might be in a few weeks time should the weighing scales condemn the student to a tanner tanning

She was told to stay bent over the desk and contemplate how she was going to change her lifestyle, that Sir expected to see the apathetic lazy girl replaced by an energetic industrious female!

Having left her there for a minute in silence he ordered her stand up, hands by her sides

"Now then young lady let me introduce you to a few more of Sir's disciplinary methods .... "


"We have the 'No Jeans' reprimand where the female is not allowed wear jeans (or skirt/dress/shorts) for the duration of her 'visit' ...

"By way of a sneak preview Sir is going into the kitchen for a moment and when he returns he expects to find Ms O'Dwyer standing in front of the desk san jeans! In fact the jeans are to be folded nearly on the desk!"

She nodded her head silently and Sir let her off the absence of a verbal 'Yes Sir' as this was a big step ...

When Sir returned she stood as ordered, the jeans neatly folded on the desk!

She was barefoot on the carpet, her sneakers neatly placed under the desk .. her toenails were painted a maroon red to match her fingernails

Sir looked her up and down and spoke quietly of naughty girls being deprived of their jeans!

Then he bid her sit down on the seat of learning at the desk; she did as she was bid!

"Now then young lady it is here without jeans you will sit for your supervised study periods next college year, depending on your behaviour and application, or lack there of, you could be sitting on a sore bottom!'

Sir leaned in over her as he transferred this information, tapping the desk with his index finger ...

He knew by her little shiver when he barked 'sit up straight' that fantasy and reality was blurring, that she could actually imagine this really happening, that reality was just a summer holiday away - that her final college year would/could be like no other!

That she looked destined to sit on a wooden chair without her jeans and with a spanked bottom studying whilst supervised!

Her shiver was one of excitement!

Whilst her hot pantie clad bottom touched the wood of the chair, Sir reminded her her new college was just a five minute walk away but that it was here on the appropriately named 'Seat of Learning' she would study and absorb the lessons of life!

Sir then pointed to the bed to her left .... "Early bedtime is another of Sir's punishments, a naughty female could find herself sent to bed at 7pm just when her colleagues are preparing to go to a house party!"

"Or she could find herself put to bed in the middle of the afternoon when said colleagues are down in the park sunning themselves and flirting with everything in a pants ..."

"There is a subtle but important difference between being 'sent to bed' and 'put to bed' ... sent to bed you are left to your own devices, get into your pjs or nightie and in under the sheets ...."

"Put to bed, the female is undressed like a little child, each garment, every stitch removed by Sir whilst she stands there and 'helps' by moving her arms and legs at the appropriate times!"

"She will then be ordered to 'step-in' to her punishment pj's which may be drop-seat, the flap at the back making access to spanking the naughty bottom much easier ... "

"And of course the little girl is ALWAYS put to bed with a spanked bottom!"

"And if it has been her mouth got her into trouble then she will be made spell 'discipline', 'obedience' and 'punishment' before her Punishment Pacifer is placed between her lips, there to stay until Sir deigns to remove it!"

"Do I make myself clear young lady?"

"Yes Sir'"... said in a very silent tone!

"Very well then, now that you know what lies ahead it's nearly time to go, put back on your jeans and go into the kitchen and make us both a cup of tea, good girl .... "

She did as she was told!

As she sat on the couch sipping her tea, Sir sat on the seat of learning and quizzed the 22 year old on the discipline session just gone ...

"It was good" she declared and from vanilla conversation he had gleaned that, strangely for a young woman, she doesn't do hyperbole, no brilliants, superbs, only an odd 'cool' ... so good was good!

"What was good, what did you like best, anything you didn't like, anything you'd like that we didn't do that you'd like us to do?'"

"No, no, it was all good, the spanking, the scolding, I like the scolding, didn't like the paddle but it was all good, thanks"

"Anything you'd like to try in future?"

Just as Sir was asking this, he got an inspirational flashback! In the early correspondence with the student on fetlife when touting the possibility of 'Retrospective Retribution' from her second level schooldays he asked her had she any fantasies ...

"That you as the teacher would drag me forcefully over your knee and spank me hard"

Drag forcefully ...

Everything up to this had been structured, regimental ...

He looked her straight in the eye ...

Said in a higher voice than usual ... "We've forgotten one thing haven't we?"

She looked at him as if he had accused her of dipping into his wallet!

She shook her head slowly ... "No"

"Are you sure? There's no little fantasy we haven't covered?"

A quicker shake, a quicker "No"

Suddenly he got up off the seat, went over to the couch, took the cup out of her hand, left it on the arm, took hold of her wrist and dragged her forcefully over to the bed ....

There was an audible hig of fear on the short trip ....

He quickly sat on the edge of the bed and tossed her over his thigh her face and body landing on the bed ...

Another escape of breath from the excited female!

"How  dare you  lie  to  me" he declared providing each word with an exclamation mark of a stinging spank 

Then six more rat-tat-tat spanks followed ...

"Did you not message me that you wished the 'teacher' to drag you forcefully over his knee and spank you hard?"

A nod of hair on the bed!

And *spank* she *spank* has *spank* the *spank* audacity *spank* to *spank* tell *spank* me *spank* that *spank* we had *spank* fullfilled *spank* all *spank* her *spank* fantasies *spank*

These spanks were hard, very hard and  having watched so many females in jeans and spanking them in his minds eye Mr Burns had never left that fantasy at just spanking them on the jeans ... but he found it an exquiste pleasure!

And the heat radiating from the jeans was an exquiste pleasure {she told Sir the jeans were still hot when she got home! And that when she changed into shorts the shorts got warm from the hot bot!}

So, yes, these spanks were hard, very hard! And every so often one landed on the back of her thighs for fear she get into a 'comfort zone'

"Get up"

She got up

Sir stayed on the bed, moving to the centre and sitting back against the wall ....

"Over you go young lady"

She went across Sir's lap, her face resting on the pillows, her arse poised beautifully right in front of his eyes!

He carressed the jeans and spoke of being a conniseur of female arse, every so often landing a spank on arse or thigh, talking gently and experimenting as she was actually over his knee in a manner that would best suit a left-hander but he wanted her to have the comfort of the pillow!

"This is my less-preferred left hand," he informed as the left hand landed on arse and thigh with a reaction that would suggest it was not that weak!

Caressing the jeans clad arse, the backs of the thighs, drifting down to the calves, back up to the curve of the ass, splaying the fingers around the sit spot, her legs began to move, stretch back; he passed no remark just kept on caressing but Mr Burns had no doubt the 22 year old college student was edging towards a near orgasmic state ... !

Slowly Sir brought her back, talking of the time of her train, whether she had eaten and then with one last resounding spank ordered ...

"Up you get, time to go catch a train!"

She got up gingerly and as she walked towards the couch Sir touched her shoulder, turned her around and gave her a big hug'

"Well done young lady, you were wonderful".