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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Punished for Ageism

We need to talk! Just who do you think you are to lay down rules and regulations?! It is you who NEED rules and regulations, who NEEDS and DESERVES to be PUNISHED if said rules are not ADHERED to! Do I make myself clear young lady?!

What do you mean you mean 'Yes, Yes, Yes but I don't understand?!' Yes, yes, yes you want, need and deserve discipline, YES, YES, YES! But you don't understand the 'who do you think you are' bit ...

Let me spell it out for you then my dear ... you are guilty of ageism! Not content to say you would prefer disciplinarians under 35 you state this in non negotiable! NONSENSE!

A mature Disciplinarian would put you through your paces with far greater certainty than a young buck who would have nothing else on his mind only sex! Whereas us mature disciplinarians would have a different itch, the sight of a naughty girl over his knee, bared bottom presented for punishment a sight for sore eyes!

Speaking of sore, that bared bottom soon would be too! But not before a gentle caressing to underline to the naughty one what she is missing out on by being so bold!

And, young lady, methinks you would frequently find yourself in the Naughty Corner, hands atop your head, panties round the back of your thighs, reddened rear on display during contemplation time ...

When freed from your confines it might well be to sit at on said sore bottom to write out your Punishment Lines ...

"I must learn that ageism is a dastardly crime which, as I have found to my cost, is punishable by spanking, corner-time and 100 lines!"

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